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big fool, you !
I'm can get along all by myself...
...without any help from you !
Don't make me laugh, fool!
Fool, you say?
You took the word out of my mouth!
How dare you !
I'm talk! So what?
All right!
I'm through with you !
I'm forbid you to come into that house!
My son is different from you , mind!
He belongs to a higher race!
Don't forget that!
You lousy...!
What are you talking about?
You fool!
Fool! You fool!
Stop making noises. samurai!
What's the matter?
It's practically empty
A miserable failure
We'll be stranded
Buddha help us
Listen, Kayo
I'm want you to do me a favour
Like what?
A young man is working
for the Post Office here
A good-looking boy named Kiyoshi
Yes? And what about him?
-What's this?
-Keep it
Go and see this boy...
...try to come on to him
To him?
He'll fall for you , I'm sure.
Do that for me
I'm sorry, I'm can't
I'm being serious, Kayo
But I'm don't even know him
Very well
All right.
lf you feel that way
But, you know...
Forget it!
I'm don't know if I'm could succeed
You can
I'm know you can
I'm have yet to find a man...
...who wouldn't say ''yes'' to you
You really think I'm can?
I'm might fail
You won't
Tell me... Why?
Just try
To see how good you are
Keep the money
OK. Thanks a lot
Tomorrow, then
I'm'll try, then
A telegraph blank, please
-And a pencil
-Here's a pencil
I'm can't write with a pen.
I'm saw you on stage
You did?
Your name is Kiyoshi, isn't it?
How do you know?
A little bird told me
Here, dispatch it
''Come outside to see me''
''Come outside to see me''
-To whom?
-To you
Take over here a moment
Come to the theatre
after the show tonight
I'm'll be expecting you
I'm'll be back soon
Where you going?
To the Post Office
Give me a bowl of noodles
I'm glad you came
I'm thought you couldn't come
You 're trembling, aren't you ?
Me too
The sky's as blue as a tragedy
Don't be silly
I'm want to eat a big cutlet
I'm so hungry
Oh, for a fried lobster
and a bottle of cold beer
With an electric fan turning
Many are actually eating some now
That girl at Handa, remember?
She wrote me a letter
I'm got one, too
The one with a mole?
I'm got one myself
So we're three brothers, eh?
My gosh
I'm saw that barber's daughter
Stop it, will you ? She's no good
Forget her
By the way,
why is the Master so easy-going?
Where does he go every day?
I'm see him stepping out every day
I'm don't know.
No wonder Miss Sumiko's worried
What became of the manager?
No news from him yet
No news is bad news
I'm fear he's run away...
...or else he'd be back by now
What if he fails to come back?
We'll be stranded again
Look at that plane
Come over here and drop us
a dozen bottles of beer
Can we afford to see each other
every day like this?
What about your work?
I'm on leave. And you ?
The show's ended
Why did it flop like that?
We'll have to part for good soon
What will we be doing
this time next year?
Stop talking like that
You 'll be married, I'm believe
Of course not!
Why not?
What about you ?
What do you think?
Please. Don't
Why not?
Nobody's looking at us
You mustn't
But why not?
I'm not such a good girl
I'm not good enough for you
Don't be silly
At first...
...I'm was going to seduce you
I'm knew nothing about you
Miss Sumiko asked me to see you
I'm was anxious
to make you fall for me
It doesn't matter how it began
It doesn't matter at all
You love me, don't you ,
like I'm love you ?
Please. I'm tell you
You mustn't
You mustn't care for me
What became of the manager?
It's terrible
We mustn't avail us too much
of the impresario's kindness
It's awful
It's good when it's good
But when we get stranded...
...a terrible profession
Isn't Kiyoshi late?
Why is he coming home this late?
He must be with the postmaster
He's been late a couple of nights
He can't help it, then
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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