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Eat, folks. Supper's ready
Get up Grandpa, and eat
You 're back
Where have you been?
I'm was with the boys
Good catch?
Did you catch many, Kichi?
And he caught a swellfish.
A great big puffer, too
-A good catch
-We enjoyed it, eh?
See you later
-Were you really together?
-With whom?
-With the boys
-Where did you go?
I'm see.
Who was the young man with you ?
One of my patron's sons
A mail clerk?
Who told you that?
Never mind
I'm don't
Who told you ?
You seem worried
-Why? It's strange
-What is?
Are you feeling guilty?
About what?
Ah, I'm see. You 're jealous
Stop it, silly, stop it
Why should I'm fool around
when I'm have you ?
I'm an old man, silly
I'm not young any longer.
You know me. Don't you ?
You old sinner
You must know something
Why don't you tell me?
I'm won't quote you ...
...to anyone
What do you know?
Speak up
Watch out, Masa!
You 've known the Master for years
You ought to know
You came here with him
before my time
So tell me.
I'm begging you . Please
I'm can't help it
Can't help what?
What can't be helped?
And why?
He's bound to see...
...his old flame
Just what I'm thought
Who is she?
What is she?
What kind of girl?
What does she look like?
Better ask Robusaburo
He knows her too?
I'm see
And Roku knows about it too?
-Can you stand this, Master?
-Stand what?
Such an empty house
Why did we have to come here?
What is it, Roku ?
She's out there
I'm see
-That one
ln front of that pillar back there
With a fan
Thanks, Roku .
I'm'll buy you a drink
What an insult!
What's up?
It's terrible
What are you grumbling
about so tediously?
You can't help en empty house,
when it's empty
Is that rain?
It's raining, Master
Gosh, misfortunes
never come alone
Swift is Heaven's vengeance!
What are you hinting at?
Stop complaining
You 're tedious
I'm have enough of a headache already
Serves you right.
I'm knew this would happen
Hey! Behave yourself!
Wait a minute
Let me see
-Are you sure?
Wait a sec.
What shall I'm do? Wait a sec
No, I'm can't
Whoa, whoa
I'm have a dilemma
Suppose I'm dodge
You 'll come...
No good, either
Hurry up, will you ?
Hurry up
Hold your jaw
Good afternoon
Give me a sake
-Tell me...
Is Master Komajuro
from my troupe here?
Yes, he is
I'm anxious to see him
A visitor
Wait here,
as I'm'll defeat you this time
I'm don't mind fixing a game for you
What are you saying?
I'm was pleasing you , mind
Don't mess with the men
What do you want?
What is it?
I'm can't come here?
So the proprietress here
was your important patron?
Where are you going?
I'm must thank your patron
Don't stop me
I'm must thank you
for your attentions to him
Thanks so much
Don't fake ignorance
Go away!
Get going!
Hey, you . Are you her son?
Hey. Stop it
Who's your father?
What is he?
Why are you so flustered?
A nice son you have
Eh, Madame?
I'm must tell them something!
Let me go! Let go!
You fool! Prize fool!
Let me go! Let go!
Be sensible, you fool!
Sensible, no way!
How dare you interfere!
You meddler!
You have no say in their affairs!
What's wrong with me seeing my son?
My own son!
[ Skipped item nr. 610 ]
Say so, if you have any!
You can certainly dish it out,
can't you ?
Shut up, you lousy...!
How dare you !
You ungrateful...
Forget about Okaya?
Who got you out of the hole?
And at Toyokawa, too!
Each time you were stranded,
you begged me!
Where would you be without me?
Each time I'm had to appeal
to the impresario on all fours!
-Remember all that!
You impudent, ungrateful brute!
Shut up!
Who are you ?
Remember who you were!
You were a common whore!
You fell for me
and came to me a-begging!
Who trained you
into an actress, remember?
You ungrateful wretch...
...lower than an animal!
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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