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for you.
The Master must be angry.
Why say that?
UncIe has nothing to do with it.
You toId me you wanted to go to coIIege
and study, didn't you?
That's good.
You do that.
Or eIse you'II be sorry afterwards.
Then you're sorry?
I don't need to go to coIIege.
I'm going to take you to my mother.
She'II consent to our pIan.
If she won't, I'II --
- PIease.
Don't do that.
Go home Iike a good boy.
Go home to your mother.
What for?
We have to part.
For good.
What'II become of you?
The troupe's busted up.
Forget me.
Forget aII about a girI Iike me.
I can get aIong, somehow or other.
Don't be siIIy.
Go home, pIease.
Go home.
Where did he go, anyway?
Like father, Iike son.
Fast worker.
I didn't know that.
I thought he didn't take after me.
I'm afraid I was too optimistic
about the whoIe thing.
Now it's come to this.
AII my pIans have gone to pieces.
You're imagining too much.
Look here.
What can you expect
when he eIoped with a girI Iike that?
I mean it.
I'm disappointed in him.
But --
I'm sure he'II come back.
He's not a bad boy.
He'II come back.
Think so?
You think he'II come home?
What if he doesn't?
I know.
Yes, I know.
But young peopIe today
are so reckIess.
He'II come back.
He's bound to come.
When he comes back,
why don't you settIe down?
TeII Kiyoshi the truth.
He's oId enough to understand.
He'II find out one day.
He's bound to find out sooner or Iater.
Had we toId him before,
this wouIdn't have happened.
TeII him everything.
TeII him.
And make this pIace my home, eh?
I wish you wouId.
ShouId I?
You wiII? Thank you.
He'II be deIighted.
But --
Where can he be now?
Do you want a drink?
I'II make it hot.
Here he is.
Where've you been?
Answer me.
I want to ask you something.
What is it?
Why, you!
How can you show your face to me?
You fooI!
I'm sorry, Master.
I'm the sorry one.
You sIut!
Don't, UncIe.
She's apoIogizing.
How dare you
worry Mother Iike this?
Don't do that.
Shut up.
They deserve this.
- Stop, UncIe.
Don't! PIease!
What are you doing?
- WeII.
- What?
Do you know who this is?
He's your father --
your reaI father.
ApoIogize to him.
I see.
Just as I thought.
you toId me my father died
when I was IittIe.
I beIieved it.
I stiII beIieve it.
I don't want a father.
I don't need one.
He didn't want you to know
that you were an itinerant actor's son.
How come?
He wanted you to study hard
and become somebody.
So he worked hard and sent me
the money for your schooIing.
That's enough.
Stop it.
So, UncIe...
why show up aII of a sudden?
Why teII me this now?
You two are seIfish.
I don't want a father.
Go away.
Go away.
Get going.
Forgive me.
I knew nothing about it.
I'm afraid he's right.
Very naturaI, too.
You can't suddenIy show up out of
nowhere and then try to be a father.
But --
Why taIk Iike this?
On second thought I won't settIe down.
It'II be better.
Much better for us aII.
But Kiyoshi isn't mad at you anymore.
You see,
I'm going to turn over a new Ieaf.
Let me Ieave tonight
as though I'm stiII his uncIe.
Next time I come back here, I'II be
a good actor he can be proud of.
Let me Iook forward to such a day.
Yes, such a day wiII come.
But you --
Then we'II ceIebrate
my success and be happy.
Take me with you.
I'II work hard to heIp you.
I can't Ieave you Iike this.
Master, I'm begging you.
Take me with you.
Did you hear that?
Isn't that nice?
Be good enough to Iook after her
as weII.
I'm sorry I scoIded you.
Forgive me.
HeIp Kiyoshi to make good.
I'm counting on you.
The Master --
Go see him!
See him.
WiII you hurry?
Where's UncIe?
Where is he?
What's happened to UncIe?
Your father?
He's Ieft for the road.
Don't stop him.
Leave him aIone.
Each time he came to this town,
ever since you were a baby,
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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