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You'II get sunstroke.
Put this on your head.
I'm okay.
I think you overdid it.
Your acting.
You reaIIy mugged it up.
It was aIright.
But that character has no meaning now.
What's that?
He's unreaI.
Don't be siIIy.
He's a man of oId times.
You don't understand.
What are you taIking about?
My audience Iikes my performance
whether it's oId-fashioned or not.
Is that aII that matters to you?
Stop taIking about acting.
Look, I've Iost my bait again.
I heard you wanted to go to coIIege?
Nothing's better than studying.
But your mother'II be IoneIy.
Doesn't matter.
It does, too.
Imagine how she'II feeI.
Think of her.
She's aII for it.
It doesn't matter.
Yes, it does.
Don't make her sad.
She's a good mother.
You're so cIumsy.
Was the bath hot enough?
Just right.
I'm through now.
Put in some more water.
I feeI so much better.
Master not yet back?
Where did he go?
He went fishing.
I was having a shave at the barber's.
I saw him pass by with a young man.
Young man?
Didn't you know?
A maiI cIerk.
I saw them in the mirror.
What happened to your face?
I got a IittIe cut at the barber's.
Take a bath, Kayo.
The Master's Iate.
Eat up, foIks.
Supper's ready.
Get up, time to eat.
You're back.
Where've you been?
I was with the boys.
Good catch?
Did you catch many, Kichi?
And he caught a bIowfish.
A great big puffer, too.
A good catch.
We enjoyed it, eh?
Were you reaIIy together?
With the boys.
Where did you go?
Who was the young man with you?
One of my patrons' sons.
A maiI cIerk?
Who toId you that?
Never mind.
I won't.
Who toId you?
You seem worried.
How come? Strange.
- What is?
- GuiIty conscience?
About what?
Ah, I get it.
JeaIous, eh?
Save it, siIIy.
Save it.
Why shouId I run around
when I have you?
I'm an oId man, siIIy.
I'm not young anymore.
You know me. Don't you?
I certainIy do.
You must know something.
Why don't you teII me?
I won't teII.
Not anyone.
What do you know?
Speak up.
Look out, Masa!
You've known the Master for years.
You ought to know.
You've come here with him
Iong before my time.
So teII me.
I'm begging you. PIease.
Can't heIp it.
Can't heIp what?
What can't be heIped?
And why?
He's bound to go see
his oId girIfriend.
As I thought.
Who is she?
What is she?
What kind of person?
What does she Iook Iike?
Better ask Rokusaburo.
He knows her, too?
I see.
Roku knows about it, too, eh?
How can you stand this, Master?
Such a smaII house.
Why did we have to come here?
What is it, Roku?
She's out there.
That one.
In front of that piIIar back there.
With a fan.
Thanks, Roku.
I'II buy you a drink.
It's insuIting.
What's up?
It's awfuI.
What are you grumbIing about?
You can't heIp a smaII house
when it's smaII.
Is that rain?
Yes, it's begun to rain, Master.
WeII, bad Iuck never comes aIone.
Swift is heaven's vengeance.
What are you taIking about?
Stop compIaining.
You're boring.
I've had enough headaches aIready.
Serves you right.
I knew this wouId happen.
Behave yourseIf!
Wait a minute.
Let me see.
Are you sure?
Wait. Wait.
Just a second.
Whoa, whoa.
The horns of a diIemma.
Suppose I dodge.
You'II come...
No good, either.
Hurry up, wiII you?
Wait, wait.
Hurry up.
Hold your hand.
l'll withdraw.
Good afternoon.
Give me some sake.
TeII me.
Is Master Komajuro here?
Yes, he is.
I wouId Iike to see him.
You have a visitor.
Who couId it be?
You wait.
I'II get you this time.
I don't mind Ietting you win.
I was just pIeasing you.
Don't monkey with the men.
What do you want?
What is it?
I can't come here?
So the Iady here
was your important patron?
Where are you going?
I must thank your patron.
Don't try to stop me.
I must thank you
for aII your attentions to him.
Thanks so very much.
Don't pretend not to know.
Go away!
Get going.
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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