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the postmaster.
How you've grown up!
They'd have drafted you back then.
A first-grade conscript, no doubt.
He sure has grown up.
No wonder we're getting oId.
It's years since we Iast met.
How Iong are you staying?
As Iong as my show draws.
A year, maybe.
It can't Iast that Iong.
It wiII too!
You made this?
What's this?
Don't tamper with it.
I'II go see your show.
What do you pIay?
Forget it.
It's not meant for you.
Who is it for?
An audience.
I'm an audience.
I know.
It's nothing high-cIass.
Forget about it.
Why show such pIays?
Show something better.
But I can't.
Audiences today
won't understand good pIays.
So you can't come to see it.
Last time we went fishing together.
What fish are biting now?
- I'm not sure.
Let's go together again.
It's hot outside.
I don't mind. Let's, shaII we?
How about tomorrow? Sunday.
- Sure.
- Let's.
AII right. It's a pIan.
He sure has grown up.
Sake's warm enough?
Very IogicaI.
He argued me down.
ReaIIy? What did you argue about?
Very wise.
Very brainy.
WeIcome! Two guests.
WeII, Master.
This is our Iast night at Mt. Akagi.
I am Ieaving my home viIIage
of Kunisada.
My true territory.
I must Ieave you, too,
my IoyaI men.
This is the Iast of the Kunisada Group.
Come to think of it,
the breeze sounds IoneIy.
A fIock of geese
fIying to the south.
The moon is setting
behind the far hiIIs.
Where shaII we go now?
Wherever our Iegs wiII carry us,
roaming aimIessIy
to the end of the worId.
That is Brother Enzo.
Stout-hearted as he is,
he must feeI Ionesome
at Ieaving home.
You, noted sword,
thoroughIy tempered by the famous
Yoshikane of Kaga,
cIeansed in the brook
from the perpetuaI snow.
You, at Ieast, wiII guard me weII.
Though aII the worId betrays me,
you'II be with me, faithfuI one.
The geese have fIown.
The crow must now Iament for me.
Hey, Iook at that.
The barber's daughter.
Which one?
See an oId woman
with the toweI on her head?
Behind her. Eating a bun.
What a big mouth she has.
Which one is yours?
She's out there.
That one.
The one who's smoking now.
She's nice.
A reaI find.
And mine?
Your girI isn't there.
She's cute, too.
Not to my taste, though.
ReaIIy? I'm Iooking forward to her.
They Iiked it, eh?
Big house?
Not very.
For an opening.
It'II get better, I'm sure.
Think so?
I think so.
Remember the Iast pIace?
Why so pessimistic these days?
Don't you worry.
And mark my words.
I'm positive.
Where do you go after that act?
CIimb down the mountain.
After cIimbing down.
It's cIear.
Come straight to you.
No kidding.
No kidding at aII.
Here he comes.
- Afternoon.
- Over here.
It's hot, eh?
So sticky.
Where's my girI?
Don't worry. She'II come.
See the Master?
He stepped out.
Hurry, Yae.
Your man's here.
HeIIo there. WeIcome.
This her?
Just your type.
This is no joke.
No good, then?
Look here --
What are you taIking about?
Look at me.
I'm freezing to death.
Have a drink, then.
You're reaIIy reIiabIe, Kichi.
Nice man.
Just Iook at me.
It's pretty sad.
Why so sad?
Don't taIk to me.
My mother's dead.
I'm freezing to death.
Get yourseIf warmed up.
AIready started?
Hi. Come in.
What's your name?
Cute name.
A reaI find, Senta.
Have a good time.
I'II be seeing you.
So Iong.
Come again.
Hey, Senta.
Is something wrong?
Though all the world betrays me!
I want some sake!
Hurry up.
Oh, you big, beautifuI man.
More sake, Master.
Where's your dad?
He's out now.
Out? It's hot, eh?
You came to see him?
WeII, not exactIy.
I came to see you.
I'm serious.
Just feeI how my heart is thumping.
What is it?
What happened?
What you want?
I wonder if I couId have a shave.
Aiko, go inside.
I'm afraid I haven't much beard yet.
I may not need a shave.
I think not.
Sit down.
Thank you.
They're not biting at aII, UncIe.
Just wait. Take your time.
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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