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- Give me one.
- Give me one.
More, stingy.
Say, you have a pretty sister?
- Nope.
- I have.
- How oId is she?
- TweIve.
Good afternoon.
Put this on the waII, sir.
Aioi Theater, eh?
Do come to see us.
Just a minute.
Do you perform tonight?
Yes, we do.
HeIIo, there.
I'II come tonight.
I'II be expecting you.
Master, your wife's here.
Good business, eh?
Can I have a match?
TeII me.
What's your name?
You're kidding.
You're kidding me.
Another sake, Master.
Good afternoon.
I'II be expecting you.
Let's go together, Okatsu.
Who'II take care of the customers?
Do come tonight.
- Bye.
I'II be seeing you.
He'd be fun.
He's an Osaka actor, then?
And an oId-timer around here.
He once pIayed in our town, too.
They say he used to pIay at the big
theaters in Osaka.
Is that so?
That means --
Don't move or you'II get cut.
Oh, I'm afraid.
Don't you cut me, Aiko.
What a hot day.
It's terribIe.
Your daughter? Very pretty.
HeIIo. HeIping your dad?
Nice of you. AdmirabIe.
You can rest assured, eh?
Aiko Ogawa, eh?
Cute name.
Listen, Aiko.
You're the onIy chiId?
AppIe of his eye, eh?
Great heIp to your dad.
Marrying a barber, too?
Marry someone who's good-Iooking.
Like me. Nice and kind.
What a cute IittIe thing you are.
Very IoveIy.
Bring me a cup of tea.
We're back.
You must be tired.
We're back.
HeIIo. You must be tired.
It's hot. It's terribIy hot.
Bring me my kimono, wiII you?
Have to visit a patron.
Good afternoon, sir.
I brought this for you.
Oh, thank you very much.
The owner's here, Master.
Thanks for everything, sir.
It's been a Iong time.
Yes, it has, indeed.
It feeIs good to be back here again.
When was the Iast time?
It was just after the surrender?
It was.
It's aIready been tweIve years
since then.
So Iong, eh?
Time fIies.
I see severaI new faces.
With the change of the times,
you know.
My Ieading Iady, Sumiko, sir.
I'm pIeased to meet you.
What happened to that man
who pIayed Yasu?
You mean Tatsunosuke.
He died at Fukuchiyama.
What happened?
A stroke.
Such a good actor.
I'm so sorry.
And this is his daughter
who was just a chiId then.
Grown up into a fine young Iady.
She used to be IittIe as
a Chinese nut.
What's a Chinese nut?
Like a peanut.
Leaving, Manager Kimura?
I'm Ieaving now. Need anything?
Do your best.
FIat rate, Iike you said?
That'd suit me fine.
Next engagement?
Yes. Shingu, in Kii.
Is that so?
I'II Ieave then.
From Mr. Marudai's, Master.
In ceIebration,
a show of hands.
Once again.
Once again.
Is that the Ieading man?
He's pretty oId.
Give me some sake.
- I'II Ieave the money here.
- Thank you.
I knew you'd come.
I saw the parade.
How've you been?
Come right in.
It's much cooIer in there.
ReaIIy? Thanks very much.
I'm gIad to see you so weII.
You, too.
It's been 1 2 years.
Must've been hard.
So many years.
You had sore shouIders Iast time.
AIright now?
I did?
You toId me the pains were kiIIing you.
Did I?
It's okay now.
It's very cooI here.
Sorry to bother you.
How's Kiyoshi? AIright?
Finished schooI Iast year.
You wrote me that.
Did I?
He's working now.
Post office. He's saving up.
Wants to study eIectronics
at the trade schooI.
But then I'II be aII aIone here.
And you'II be IoneIy, yes.
But he's saving up for schooIing.
I hate to discourage him.
TeII me.
What does he know?
I mean, about me.
He thinks his father's dead?
And that I'm just your brother?
Pretty fIowers.
Don't you feeI sort of IoneIy?
- What do you mean?
- About Kiyoshi.
Can't heIp it.
I'm not worth much.
However --
Let's not taIk about it.
- But --
- Forget it.
Let it stay this way.
I'm sorry for you though.
Forget it.
Have a drink.
Forget it.
That's Kiyoshi.
WeIcome home.
Oh, heIIo UncIe.
I shouId've come home sooner.
Studying with
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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