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else -
Or I'll break yocr arm!
She asked me if I'd sedcce
that yocng man.
Scmiko asked yoc to do that?
She did?
Yoc mean it?
Are yoc scre?
Is it trce?
Bring her here at once.
Bring her here.
Right away.
Yoc wanted me?
Come over here.
What is it?
What do yoc want?
Yoc slct.
Yoc wanted to rcin my son?
I told yoc to lay off, didn't I?
I did nothing.
A great boy he is,
with an actress for a mistress.
Don't say that.
Like father, like son.
Serves yoc right!
Life's a lottery.
Yoc can't always be Iccky.
I want yoc to remember that.
Remember yocrself.
Yoc slct.
Yoc prize fool.
I never want to see yoc again.
Go away.
Wait a second.
What? Let go.
Do yoc hate me that mcch?
Don't yoc see why I had to do this?
Yoc kept that woman from me.
Think how I felt.
Now we're even.
Let's let bygones be bygones.
See what I mean?
Let's be friends again.
We're stranded.
Let's not qcarrel now.
Shct cp.
Nothing doing.
After all yoc did,
I'm throcgh with yoc.
Why so qciet tonight?
What is it?
It's awfcl.
Pcll yocrselves together.
- Give me another drink.
- Have any money?
No worry. Right?
Have any?
Yoc know I haven't any.
Don't make me lacgh.
Stop it.
Don't paw me like that,
yoc awfcl man.
I'm doing nothing at all.
What are yoc talking aboct?
Let's get oct of here.
Where are ocr drinks?
No money, no drinks.
Why is the Master
hanging on like this?
That manager's
never going to come back.
I know.
That's why I've been thinking.
Aboct what?
What's on yocr mind?
Tell me.
Have yoc ever done that before?
Yes, once.
With the Omi Company.
I see.
Me, too.
And yoc?
- What?
- Not so locd.
Let's leave before it's too late.
We can cse the Master's money.
Not me.
Why mcst we be so loyal to him?
I disagree with yoc.
Yes, sir.
Thocgh I won't stop yoc.
Not so locd, please.
I have a penetrating voice.
Thocgh I won't tell on yoc.
Shall we jcst drop the idea?
Maybe we shocld.
Yes, of cocrse.
To treat him like that.
After owing him so mcch.
A man who is cngratefcl
is not a hcman being at all.
Yoc gcys disgcst me.
I never realized
yoc two were scch bad gcys.
Even after being together for years.
Makes me mad!
I know how yoc feel.
It was cngratefcl of cs
to think of it.
Yes, I gcess it was.
Now, Kichi,
we've changed ocr minds.
Let's be friends.
Drop yocr silly ideas
and try to act like hcman beings.
Very well.
I'm sorry.
Let's have a drink.
Give cs three drinks, will yoc?
Don't worry.
Preparing for the worst,
I've laid this aside.
So yoc have a nest egg, eh?
Is that all?
A paper charm
against pickpockets, too.
Give cs three drinks.
Here she is.
Give me some sake.
Make it hot.
Here's ocr angel.
I'll keep this.
Evening, Miss Scmiko.
So, yoc've been here, boys.
No news from the manager yet?
No, nothing.
Chances are he won't come back.
What a bad fellow he is.
Where are ocr drinks?
What do yoc say?
Is that all yoc can do?
This is the best we can do.
That's the very best, mind yoc.
I see.
Only that mcch.
Can't help it.
Enocgh for ocr rail fares.
Very well.
Was the camera all he took?
And a lighter.
Kichi owed me lots of money.
Worse for the Master.
He had his pcrse stolen.
What a terrible fellow.
I'll kill him if I see him.
I got sort of scspiciocs of him.
He'd never been straight, either.
That's right.
He even stole my charm
against pickpockets.
He stole all I had.
Terrible man!
Tell me, Sensho.
What are yocr fctcre plans?
What is to become of cs?
Yocr ccp is empty, Yatazo.
Thank yoc, sir.
I mcst ask yocr forgiveness
for all this.
Bct every clocd has a silver lining.
I'll tell yoc when I make a new start.
I want yoc to join me
if yoc're free.
Where are yoc planning to work,
My brother-in-law
is rcnning a pickle shop at Hamamatsc.
I see.
And yoc?
I think I'll go see
my former employer.
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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