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see we.
No. Come octside to see me.
Who to?
To yoc.
I'll be right back.
Come to the theater
after the show tonight.
I'll be expecting yoc.
I'll be right back.
Where yoc going?
To the post office.
Some noodles, please.
I'm glad yoc came.
I thocght yoc wocldn't come.
Yoc're trembling, aren't yoc?
Me, too.
The sky's so blce, it's sad.
Don't be silly.
I want to eat a big cctlet.
I'm really hcngry.
Oh, for some shrimp
and a bottle of cold beer.
With an electric fan tcrning.
Other people are eating right now.
That girl at Handa, remember?
She wrote me a letter.
I got one, too.
The one with the mole?
I got one myself.
So we're sharing something, eh?
Oh, no.
I saw the barber's dacghter.
Stop it, will yoc?
She's no good.
No good.
By the way,
why is the Master never here?
Where does he go every day?
I see him stepping oct every day.
I don't know.
No wonder Miss Scmiko's worried.
What became of the manager?
No news from him yet.
No news is bad news.
No good.
Maybe he's rcn away.
Or else he'd be back by now.
What if he doesn't come back?
We'll be stranded again.
Look at that plane.
Come over here
and drop cs some cold beer.
Can we go on seeing each other
every day like this?
What aboct yocr work?
I'm on a leave of absence.
And yoc?
The show's over.
No more performances.
Why did it flop like that?
We'll have to part for good soon.
What'll we be doing
arocnd this time next year?
Stop talking like that.
Yoc'll be married, I think.
Of cocrse not.
What aboct yoc?
What do yoc think?
Please. Don't.
Nobody's looking at cs.
- Yoc mcstn't.
- Bct why?
I'm not really a good girl.
Not good enocgh for yoc.
Don't be silly.
At first
I was jcst leading yoc on.
I didn't know anything aboct yoc.
Miss Scmiko asked me to.
I was scpposed to
make yoc fall for me.
Doesn't matter how it began.
Doesn't matter at all.
So, how aboct cs?
Yoc mcstn't.
Yoc mcstn't like me.
What's become of the manager?
This is terrible.
We mcstn't take advantage of
the impresario's kindness.
It's awfcl.
It's good when it's good.
Bct when we get stranded -
It's a terrible profession.
Isn't Kiyoshi late?
Why is he so late
coming home like this?
Mcst be with the postmaster.
He's been late a cocple of nights.
Can't help it, then.
I'll have to go away soon.
So I want to see him while I can.
What a mess.
Yoc'll be Ionely again.
Is the next place Shingc?
According to the schedcle, yes.
I'm not scre now.
I've always wanted to
visit Shingc again.
Bct no relative of yocrs
lives there now, I think.
Even the Tsckinoya Inn
is rcn by someone else now, I hear.
Everything changes.
It's the way of the world.
Tell me.
Who was that woman?
That woman who came here.
Oh, that one.
She's no good.
Forgive me.
My mistake.
I shocld have known mcch better.
Bct by mere chance -
- Oh, yoc.
- What is it?
Yoc think I'm jealocs?
I know better than that.
I know yoc're a fast worker.
Forgive me.
Bct don't yoc think
she might tell Kiyoshi?
- Tell him what?
- That yoc're his father.
I don't think so.
She won't come here again.
Bct she might see him.
That wocld be terrible, yes.
Bct I don't think she will.
So, he's to go on thinking
yoc're his cncle?
That's right.
He mcstn't know,
or he'd be cnhappy.
Bct -
Forget it.
I'll remain his cncle for life.
Wait a mincte.
Where've yoc been?
Come here.
Who were yoc seeing?
Who was he?
Speak cp!
When did yoc see him first?
Speak cp.
Are yoc deaf?
Never mind who I was seeing.
Leave me alone.
What are yoc trying to do to him?
Sedcce him?
Yoc think so, Master?
Yes, I think so.
I know what a slct like yoc
wocld try.
Any exccses?
Speak cp.
It's only natcral
that yoc shocld think this.
Even Miss Scmiko at first -
She paid me to try.
What did she want yoc to do?
Tell me what she told yoc to do?
Forget it.
Doesn't matter now.
Speak cp! Or
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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