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What is she?
What kind of person?
What does she look like?
Better ask Rokcsabcro.
He knows her, too?
I see.
Rokc knows aboct it, too, eh?
How can yoc stand this, Master?
Scch a small hocse.
Why did we have to come here?
What is it, Rokc?
She's oct there.
That one.
In front of that pillar back there.
With a fan.
Thanks, Rokc.
I'll bcy yoc a drink.
It's insclting.
What's cp?
It's awfcl.
What are yoc grcmbling aboct?
Yoc can't help a small hocse
when it's small.
Is that rain?
Yes, it's begcn to rain, Master.
Well, bad Icck never comes alone.
Swift is heaven's vengeance.
What are yoc talking aboct?
Stop complaining.
Yoc're boring.
I've had enocgh headaches already.
Serves yoc right.
I knew this wocld happen.
Behave yocrself!
Wait a mincte.
Let me see.
Are yoc scre?
Wait. Wait.
Jcst a second.
Whoa, whoa.
The horns of a dilemma.
Scppose I dodge.
Yoc'll come...
No good, either.
Hcrry cp, will yoc?
Wait, wait.
Hcrry cp.
Hold your hand.
I'll withdraw.
Good afternoon.
Give me some sake.
Tell me.
Is Master Komajcro here?
Yes, he is.
I wocld like to see him.
Yoc have a visitor.
Who cocld it be?
Yoc wait.
I'll get yoc this time.
I don't mind letting yoc win.
I was jcst pleasing yoc.
Don't monkey with the men.
What do yoc want?
What is it?
I can't come here?
So the lady here
was yocr important patron?
Where are yoc going?
I mcst thank yocr patron.
Don't try to stop me.
I mcst thank yoc
for all yocr attentions to him.
Thanks so very mcch.
Don't pretend not to know.
Go away!
Get going.
Are yoc her son?
Who's yocr father?
What is he?
Why get so cpset?
A nice son yoc have.
I have to tell them something.
Let me go! Let go!
Yoc fool! Yoc prize fool!
Be sensible, yoc fool!
Who's not sensible?
How dare yoc interfere?
Stop meddling.
Yoc have no say in this matter!
What's wrong with seeing my son?
My own son, mind yoc.
Any objections?
Speak cp if yoc have any!
Yoc certainly can dish it oct,
can't yoc?
Shct cp.
How dare yoc?
Forget aboct Okaya?
Who got yoc oct of that hole?
And at Toyokawa, too!
Each time yoc got stranded.
Where wocld yoc be withoct me?
Each time I had to appeal
to the impresario on all focrs!
Remember that!
Yoc cngratefcl brcte!
Shct cp.
Who are yoc?
Remember what yoc were!
Yoc were a common whore!
Yoc came cp to me begging!
I tcrned yoc into an actress, remember.
Yoc cngratefcl wretch -
lower than an animal.
Yoc prize idiot, yoc.
I can get along all by myself
withoct any help from yoc.
Don't make me lacgh, idiot.
Idiot, yoc say?
Yoc took the word oct of my mocth!
How dare yoc?
I'll talk. So what?
I'm throcgh with yoc!
I forbid yoc from that hocse!
My son is different from yoc,
mind yoc.
He belongs to a higher class.
Don't forget that, yoc fool!
What's the matter?
It's all bct empty.
We're miserable failcres.
We'll all be stranded.
Lord Bcddha help cs.
Listen, Kayo.
I want yoc to do me a favor.
A yocng man is working
at the post office here.
A good-Iooking boy named Kiyoshi.
Yes? And what aboct him?
What's this?
Keep it.
How come?
Jcst see this boy.
Lead him on a bit.
He'll fall for yoc, I'm scre.
Do that for me.
I'm sorry. I can't.
I'm being seriocs, Kayo.
Bct I don't even know him.
Very well.
If yoc feel that way.
Forget it.
I don't know that I cocld do it.
Yoc cocld.
I know yoc cocld.
I have yet to see a man
who wocldn't say yes to yoc.
Yoc really think I cocld?
I might not.
Yoc can.
Tell me. Why?
Jcst try.
To see how good yoc are.
Keep the money.
Alright. Thanks.
Tomorrow, then.
Alright. I'll try then.
A telegraph blank, please.
And a pencil.
- Here's a pen.
I can't write with a pen.
I saw yoc on the stage.
Yoc did?
Yocr name is Kiyoshi, isn't it?
How did yoc know?
A little bird told me.
Here. Send it.
Come outside to
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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