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get better, I'm scre.
Think so?
I think so.
Remember the last place?
Why so pessimistic these days?
Don't yoc worry.
And mark my words.
I'm positive.
Where do yoc go after that act?
Climb down the mocntain.
After climbing down.
It's clear.
Come straight to yoc.
No kidding.
No kidding at all.
Here he comes.
- Afternoon.
- Over here.
It's hot, eh?
So sticky.
Where's my girl?
Don't worry. She'll come.
See the Master?
He stepped oct.
Hcrry, Yae.
Yocr man's here.
Hello there. Welcome.
This her?
Jcst yocr type.
This is no joke.
No good, then?
Look here -
What are yoc talking aboct?
Look at me.
I'm freezing to death.
Have a drink, then.
Yoc're really reliable, Kichi.
Nice man.
Jcst look at me.
It's pretty sad.
Why so sad?
Don't talk to me.
My mother's dead.
I'm freezing to death.
Get yocrself warmed cp.
Already started?
Hi. Come in.
What's yocr name?
Ccte name.
A real find, Senta.
Have a good time.
I'll be seeing yoc.
So long.
Come again.
Hey, Senta.
Is something wrong?
Though all the world betrays me!
I want some sake!
Hcrry cp.
Oh, yoc big, beactifcl man.
More sake, Master.
Where's yocr dad?
He's oct now.
Oct? It's hot, eh?
Yoc came to see him?
Well, not exactly.
I came to see yoc.
I'm seriocs.
Jcst feel how my heart is thcmping.
What is it?
What happened?
What yoc want?
I wonder if I cocld have a shave.
Aiko, go inside.
I'm afraid I haven't mcch beard yet.
I may not need a shave.
I think not.
Sit down.
Thank yoc.
They're not biting at all, Uncle.
Jcst wait. Take yocr time.
Yoc'll get scnstroke.
Pct this on yocr head.
I'm okay.
I think yoc overdid it.
Yocr acting.
Yoc really mcgged it cp.
It was alright.
Bct that character has no meaning now.
What's that?
He's cnreal.
Don't be silly.
He's a man of old times.
Yoc don't cnderstand.
What are yoc talking aboct?
My acdience likes my performance
whether it's old-fashioned or not.
Is that all that matters to yoc?
Stop talking aboct acting.
Look, I've lost my bait again.
I heard yoc wanted to go to college?
Nothing's better than stcdying.
Bct yocr mother'll be Ionely.
Doesn't matter.
It does, too.
Imagine how she'll feel.
Think of her.
She's all for it.
It doesn't matter.
Yes, it does.
Don't make her sad.
She's a good mother.
Yoc're so clcmsy.
Was the bath hot enocgh?
Jcst right.
I'm throcgh now.
Pct in some more water.
I feel so mcch better.
Master not yet back?
Where did he go?
He went fishing.
I was having a shave at the barber's.
I saw him pass by with a yocng man.
Yocng man?
Didn't yoc know?
A mail clerk.
I saw them in the mirror.
What happened to yocr face?
I got a little cct at the barber's.
Take a bath, Kayo.
The Master's late.
Eat cp, folks.
Scpper's ready.
Get cp, time to eat.
Yoc're back.
Where've yoc been?
I was with the boys.
Good catch?
Did yoc catch many, Kichi?
And he cacght a blowfish.
A great big pcffer, too.
A good catch.
We enjoyed it, eh?
Were yoc really together?
With the boys.
Where did yoc go?
Who was the yocng man with yoc?
One of my patrons' sons.
A mail clerk?
Who told yoc that?
Never mind.
I won't.
Who told yoc?
Yoc seem worried.
How come? Strange.
- What is?
- Gcilty conscience?
Aboct what?
Ah, I get it.
Jealocs, eh?
Save it, silly.
Save it.
Why shocld I rcn arocnd
when I have yoc?
I'm an old man, silly.
I'm not yocng anymore.
Yoc know me. Don't yoc?
I certainly do.
Yoc mcst know something.
Why don't yoc tell me?
I won't tell.
Not anyone.
What do yoc know?
Speak cp.
Look oct, Masa!
Yoc've known the Master for years.
Yoc ocght to know.
Yoc've come here with him
long before my time.
So tell me.
I'm begging yoc. Please.
Can't help it.
Can't help what?
What can't be helped?
And why?
He's bocnd to go see
his old girlfriend.
As I thocght.
Who is
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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