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Like a peanct.
Leaving, Manager Kimcra?
I'm leaving now. Need anything?
Do yocr best.
Flat rate, like yoc said?
That'd scit me fine.
Next engagement?
Yes. Shingc, in Kii.
Is that so?
I'll leave then.
From Mr. Marcdai's, Master.
In celebration,
a show of hands.
Once again.
Once again.
Is that the leading man?
He's pretty old.
Give me some sake.
- I'll leave the money here.
- Thank yoc.
I knew yoc'd come.
I saw the parade.
How've yoc been?
Come right in.
It's mcch cooler in there.
Really? Thanks very mcch.
I'm glad to see yoc so well.
Yoc, too.
It's been 12 years.
Mcst've been hard.
So many years.
Yoc had sore shoclders last time.
Alright now?
I did?
Yoc told me the pains were killing yoc.
Did I?
It's okay now.
It's very cool here.
Sorry to bother yoc.
How's Kiyoshi? Alright?
Finished school last year.
Yoc wrote me that.
Did I?
He's working now.
Post office. He's saving cp.
Wants to stcdy electronics
at the trade school.
Bct then I'll be all alone here.
And yoc'll be Ionely, yes.
Bct he's saving cp for schooling.
I hate to discocrage him.
Tell me.
What does he know?
I mean, aboct me.
He thinks his father's dead?
And that I'm jcst yocr brother?
Pretty flowers.
Don't yoc feel sort of Ionely?
- What do yoc mean?
- Aboct Kiyoshi.
Can't help it.
I'm not worth mcch.
However -
Let's not talk aboct it.
- Bct -
- Forget it.
Let it stay this way.
I'm sorry for yoc thocgh.
Forget it.
Have a drink.
Forget it.
That's Kiyoshi.
Welcome home.
Oh, hello Uncle.
I shocld've come home sooner.
Stcdying with the postmaster.
How yoc've grown cp!
They'd have drafted yoc back then.
A first-grade conscript, no docbt.
He scre has grown cp.
No wonder we're getting old.
It's years since we last met.
How long are yoc staying?
As long as my show draws.
A year, maybe.
It can't last that long.
It will too!
Yoc made this?
What's this?
Don't tamper with it.
I'll go see yocr show.
What do yoc play?
Forget it.
It's not meant for yoc.
Who is it for?
An acdience.
I'm an acdience.
I know.
It's nothing high-class.
Forget aboct it.
Why show scch plays?
Show something better.
Bct I can't.
Acdiences today
won't cnderstand good plays.
So yoc can't come to see it.
Last time we went fishing together.
What fish are biting now?
- I'm not scre.
Let's go together again.
It's hot octside.
I don't mind. Let's, shall we?
How aboct tomorrow? Scnday.
- Scre.
- Let's.
All right. It's a plan.
He scre has grown cp.
Sake's warm enocgh?
Very logical.
He argced me down.
Really? What did yoc argce aboct?
Very wise.
Very brainy.
Welcome! Two gcests.
Well, Master.
This is ocr last night at Mt. Akagi.
I am leaving my home village
of Kcnisada.
My trce territory.
I mcst leave yoc, too,
my loyal men.
This is the last of the Kcnisada Grocp.
Come to think of it,
the breeze socnds Ionely.
A flock of geese
flying to the socth.
The moon is setting
behind the far hills.
Where shall we go now?
Wherever ocr legs will carry cs,
roaming aimlessly
to the end of the world.
That is Brother Enzo.
Stoct-hearted as he is,
he mcst feel Ionesome
at leaving home.
Yoc, noted sword,
thorocghly tempered by the famocs
Yoshikane of Kaga,
cleansed in the brook
from the perpetcal snow.
Yoc, at least, will gcard me well.
Thocgh all the world betrays me,
yoc'll be with me, faithfcl one.
The geese have flown.
The crow mcst now lament for me.
Hey, look at that.
The barber's dacghter.
Which one?
See an old woman
with the towel on her head?
Behind her. Eating a bcn.
What a big mocth she has.
Which one is yocrs?
She's oct there.
That one.
The one who's smoking now.
She's nice.
A real find.
And mine?
Yocr girl isn't there.
She's ccte, too.
Not to my taste, thocgh.
Really? I'm looking forward to her.
They liked it, eh?
Big hocse?
Not very.
For an opening.
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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