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You can't tell this story.
You knew that.
The deal was you get
an ambassadorship.
l used to have a Camaro.
What are you going to tell?
The guy's a nut case.
You would be too if you went
through what he went through.
He raped a nun.
What he went through in Albania.
He's doped to the gills.
Where's my little pills?
Show some compassion.
He spent the last 12 years
in a military prison.
How are we gonna explain that?
Explain it? Am l worried?
How do we explain that
when the world is watching?
Fuck the world.
Try a 10 a.m. pitch meeting...
coked to the gills, and you
haven't read the treatment.
How do we explain
he was in prison?
Well, you see, Winifred...
this is where
you've never been at a pitch.
His records say he was
in prison...
as they say for all the men
and women of Group 303...
as they must
because of the secrecy involved.
l'm on top of it.
Not sure whether enemy action...
l'm fine. l got it.
Stanley, l told you,
l do this for a living.
You do what for a living?
Exactly what do you do
for the president?
l lost my wallet.
You got any change?
How we doing, boy?
Ready to mix it up?
ls today laundry day?
-What do you do on laundry day?
Stand by to copy this.
Just get a pencil.
Down safely.
Produce this Schumann.
Produce him, l say, or, and
l don't hesitate to say this...
rank him as just another
in a series of broken promises.
Sustained minor injuries.
Flight crew being investigated
for possible pilot error.
to an undisclosed location.
This deserted runway should be
filled with well-wishers.
How you doing?
A cold drink?
Schumann was to return
to American soil today...
after his safe rescue
in Albania.
He looks like me.
...deserves an explanation
from the White House.
Wait, we are now going
live to the White House.
l have an update regarding
the aircraft incident...
involving Sergeant Schumann.
He is down safely
and will be transshipped.
We are informed he has sustained
minor injuries...
which will require his being
medicated for some time...
Bring in the cavalry.
Nick of time.
Political shitbirds.
Fuck with us, huh?
They don't know
who they're playing with.
l'm a little concerned
about the driver of the rig.
-What rig?
-The harvester.
-What about him?
-He doesn't have his green card.
So what?
You want Schumann to be
rescued by an illegal alien?
We can't have Schumann saved
by an illegal immigrant.
Get on the phone.
Fly in a judge.
Get on the phone.
What's all this moping about?
Do you have any change?
l like the night life,
l like to boogie.
Are you all right?
Let me talk to him !
What are you doing?
l think we should--
Willie, where are you going?
Let me talk to him.
Shoe, you in there?
l'll kill that son of a bitch.
l have a relationship.
You want to talk?
Get you anything you want.
You want some beans?
Will that do it, Shoester?
Come on, Shoe!
He's dead.
Wait a minute.
He's not dead. He's alive.
Strike that.
So close and yet so far.
What do you mean?
We were this close.
This is nothing.
This just got big.
Big? He's dead.
We killed Old Shoe.
What is better
than the triumphal homecoming...
of a war hero?
We're gathered here...
with a cross to bear.
The bravest men...
That this great land...
will remain free.
God bless the men...
of the 303.
Side by side...
we know no fear.
Our minds are sharp.
Our eyes are clear.
ln the air, on land...
or on the sea...
we're the fightin' men...
of the 303.
Give us this day...
our daily bread...
and leopard skin...
for our head.
That we may fight...
Looking good.
Bring it all back home.
Lassie barks twice, and it's
time to take out the garbage.
Hell of a show.
Hell of a job.
lt's just producing.
There's no Academy Award
for producing.
You're kidding.
Where do movies come from
if nobody produces them?
They come
Плутовство Плутовство

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