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to the plane.
We'll bring him back
and stash him in the hospital.
Call the plane.
Tell me where to pick him up.
l bet you're good at chess.
l would be, l could remember
how all the pieces move.
We'll call you.
l'll do the same
in His great name...
if you have courage, Mom.
l can always feel your love.
Send, and l'll receive.
Units of 303,
the Defense Department...
confirmed early this morning,
Albanian time...
stormed the mountain hideaway
near the city of...
freeing a tired but happy
William Schumann.
A high White House source
that he's expected
in Washington tomorrow morning.
How's that?
When we touch down tomorrow...
Big Bird meets Schumann
at the airport?
Big mistake. You got to bring
him in by stages.
Big mistake to reveal
Schumann before the election.
How so?
Schumann is the shark.
Schumann is Jaws.
You have to tease 'em.
You don't put Jaws
in the first reel of the movie.
lt's the contract, sweetheart.
The contract with the election,
whether they know it or not...
is vote for me Tuesday...
l will produce Schumann.
That's what they're paying
their seven bucks for.
Know what l mean?
Everybody's gotta learn.
Any business.
You take the fruit
of 40 years...
hard lessons, mistakes,
and you call it wisdom.
That's the truth.
End of the day,
just when you know something...
time to go home.
You got decades in you now.
You got decades left in you.
Yeah, but...
What could l do to top this?
The 37th Psalm.
l'll do the same
in His great name...
if you have courage, Mom.
You see her?
That was real tears.
We were gonna give her
those drops.
-She cried.
-She cried real.
-lt looks it.
Pray for me...
and the USA.
Pray they never use the bomb.
What are you going
to do after this?
They owe you big.
Ambassador to this or that,
Ambassador to what?
l don't even like to go
to Brentwood.
That's what l want.
That's my reward.
That's the payoff.
You want to go to the lnaugural?
Might if l was asked.
This here, Schumann and us...
Look at that.
King Kong and the trainers.
This is it.
l'm standing with this picture
of Sergeant Willie Schumann.
He's become known to Americans
simply as the Old Shoe...
This is gonna be a masterpiece.
Giving them what they want.
...his Group 303 and left behind
in enemy territory.
Here at
Andrews Air Force Base...
they prepare for the return
of Willie Schumann.
Sergeant Schumann, if l may,
welcome to history.
Sergeant Schumann, l'm Ames.
Somebody named Brean?
Right here.
Sign here for me.
you want to take her up?
There's heavy weather back east.
What do you think?
6 to 5 and pick 'em.
You want to chance it?
lf it'll fly, let's fly.
People are waiting.
A child at the airport
breaks through the ranks...
runs to Old Shoe,
rubs meat on Schumann's cuff.
A little dog runs to it.
The dog loves Schumann.
He is a perfect war hero.
You cast him.
All right. Book it up.
What's this?
Keys to the manacles.
Oh, my God.
What is the trouble?
No trouble at all, ma'am.
Then why is he in chains?
He's in chains
because he's a convict.
A convict?
How you doing?
Take a look.
When we asked
for special programs...
they gave us special prisons.
Only a one-word difference.
-Has he been in jail long?
-12 years.
Does he have much longer
to serve?
What did he do?
He raped a nun.
-l don't want to know an "and."
Why is there an "and"?
He's fine as long
as he gets his medications.
And if he doesn't?
He's not fine.
Up there, Captain.
You'd better get us
to Washington.
How are ya?
Gonna get me back tomorrow?
'Cause, you know, tomorrow
they're having beans.
l need a readjustment.
We have to rethink this.
We're trying to do this thing.
As long as you
get me back for the beans.
He's sicker than we thought.
Rush him under wraps
to Walter Reed for tests.
lf you're gonna keep me
Плутовство Плутовство

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