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would like to point out
that l am under medical care...
and taking medication,
side effects of which have--
Quite touching.
l also take this opportunity...
to suggest that, equally,
l admit to nothing...
and l would like
my lawyer present.
We show, and NSA confirms...
there are no nuclear devices
on the Canadian border.
There are no nuclear devices
in Albania.
Albania has no nuclear capacity.
Our spy satellites...
show no secret
terrorist training camps...
in the Albanian hinterland.
The border patrol, the FBl,
the RCMP report...
no untoward activity...
along our picturesque
Canadian border.
The Albanian government
is screaming its defense.
The world is listening.
There is no war.
There's a war.
l'm watching it on television.
Who might you be?
-Conrad Brean.
-Who do you work for?
Nobody whose name
you want me to say.
lt's all well, but when the fit
hits the shan...
somebody has to stay
after school.
Who might that be?
l don't know
what you're talking about.
The spy satellites show it.
They show no war.
Then what good are they?
Why spend a quarter trillion
dollars a year on defense?
What good are they?
Are they useless or just broken?
l would like
to point out further...
that these medications
taken in conjunction--
lf there's no threat,
then where are you?
lf there's no threat,
what good are you?
You are the threat.
l'm the threat?
What have l been doing
the last 30 years...
that you haven't been doing?
The last 30 years...
l have been working to ensure
the security of my country.
l'm sure that speaks well
of you and your parents...
but if forced to choose between
the security of your country...
and the security of your job,
which would you pick?
While you hesitate,
permit me to suggest...
that they are one in the same.
l'm doing my job.
That's what you see me doing.
l'm doing my job, too.
The constant stress
l am under...
Let me ask you
a simple question.
Why do people go to war?
l'll play your silly game.
To ensure their way of life.
-Would you fight to do that?
-l have.
lf you went to war again,
who would it be against?
Your ability to fight
a two-ocean war against who?
Sweden and Togo?
That time has passed.
lt's over.
The war of the future
is nuclear terrorism.
lt'll be against
a small group of dissidents...
who, unbeknownst perhaps to
their own governments, have...
To go to that war,
you have to be prepared.
You gotta be alert.
The public has gotta be alert...
because that is the war
of the future...
and if you're not gearing up
to fight that war...
then the ax will fall.
You'll be out in the street.
You can call this a drill,
call this job security...
call it anything you like,
but l got one for you.
Go to war
to preserve your way of life?
Chuck, this is your way of life.
lf your spy satellites
don't see nothing...
if there ain't no war...
then you can go home
and take up golf...
'cause there ain't no war
but ours.
Thank you.
Drive carefully.
Nice enough people.
They just hadn't
thought it through.
You talked us out of there.
We got delayed.
We're going to Nashville.
You could talk a dog
off a meat truck.
Thank you.
We just got stuck.
All systems five-by-five.
See you in Nashville.
You saved our bacon.
lt was just a...
a phenomenal performance.
You turned them around.
They hadn't thought it through.
He's moving across the tarmac.
But it appears something
has distracted the president...
and he has stopped moving
toward the waiting motorcade.
There's a little girl...
trying to speak
to the president.
lt seems she's speaking in--
ls it Albanian?
Can we get someone
to translate?
l think what she is saying...
is that this wheat offering
is sort of ceremonial...
and that it is
the first sheaf...
the first cut of the harvest.
l'm not proficient
in Albanian...
but the old woman
is quite taken...
as the president
is offering her the coat.
Плутовство Плутовство

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