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Schumann`s plane should be
over the Atlantic Ocean...
making its final descent
back into this country.
The White House reported...
he was safely rescued
and on his way to American soil.
We`re still waiting
for his plane...
at Andrews Air Force Base.
A plane that is due to land.
Long overdue.
The president is monitoring
the situation...
personally and closely.
We will keep you updated
as to any developments.
Thank you very much.
Oh, God.
What do we do now?
What do we do now, boy producer?
Mister win-an-Emmy,
sociaI-conscience, whaIe-shit...
fuckin`-hire-a-convict shithead?
What do we do now, IiberaI,
affirmative action, shithead...
peacenik commie fuck?
This is nothing.
Piece of cake.
is being a samurai warrior.
They pay you day in,
day out for years...
so that one day,
when caIIed upon...
you can respond,
your training at its peak...
and save the day!
Produce this Schumann.
Produce him, I say...
or, and I don`t hesitate
to say this...
rank him as just another
in a series of broken promises.
This tardy absence of the flight
must give us pause...
and in that pause, we should
take time to examine ourselves--
Fuck you.
Leave it aIone.
What did teIevision do to you?
It destroyed
the eIectoraI process.
Enough Iovemaking.
Let`s go. Come on.
-We got work to do.
Come on, paI.
Is it time for exercise?
It`s my day in the yard.
Let`s get him to the highway.
Think this is tough?
Come on, paI!
This is nothing! Piece of cake!
AIbanian dissidents...
having somehow obtained
a surface-to-air missiIe...
You had your fortune here.
You were ready to throw it away.
If you got a probIem, soIve it.
That`s producing.
Someday when they
teII this story--
You can`t teII this story.
-Why not?
-Somebody wouId have you kiIIed.
Of course, I know.
Not now. But when
they do teII the story--
Nobody can teII this story,
Listen to me.
This is what I do for a Iiving.
You can`t teII this story.
He`s not kidding you.
You can`t teII this story.
You knew that.
The deaI was you get
an ambassadorship.
I used to have a Camaro.
What are you going to teII?
The guy`s a nut case.
You wouId be too if you went
through what he went through.
He raped a nun.
What he went through in AIbania.
He`s doped to the giIIs.
Where`s my IittIe piIIs?
Show some compassion.
He spent the Iast 12 years
in a miIitary prison.
How are we gonna expIain that?
ExpIain it? Am I worried?
How do we expIain that
when the worId is watching?
Fuck the worId.
Try a 10 a.m. pitch meeting...
cooked to the giIIs, and you
haven`t read the treatment.
How do we expIain
he was in prison?
WeII, you see, Winifred...
this is where
you`ve never been at a pitch.
His records say he was
in prison...
as they say for aII the men
and women of Group 303...
as they must
because of the secrecy invoIved.
I`m on top of it.
Not sure whether enemy action...
I`m fine. I got it.
StanIey, I toId you,
I do this for a Iiving.
You do what for a Iiving?
ExactIy what do you do
for the president?
I Iost my waIIet.
You got any change?
How we doing, boy?
Ready to mix it up?
Is today Iaundry day?
-What do you do on Iaundry day?
Stand by to copy this.
Just get a penciI.
Down safeIy.
Produce this Schumann.
Produce him, I say, or, and
I don`t hesitate to say this...
rank him as just another
in a series of broken promises.
Sustained minor injuries.
FIight crew being investigated
for possibIe piIot error.
to an undiscIosed Iocation.
This deserted runway should be
filled with well-wishers.
How you doing?
A coId drink?
Schumann was to return
to American soil today...
after his safe rescue
in Albania.
He Iooks Iike me.
...deserves an explanation
from the White House.
Wait, we are now going
live to the White House.
I have an update regarding
the aircraft incident...
involving Sergeant Schumann.
He is
Плутовство Плутовство

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