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s the lesson here?
Never give up.
You're right.
The show must go on.
Proud tradition.
I am prouder of this
than anything I ever did.
You should be.
I want to thank you.
You gave me a good opportunity.
As we said, the president,
a surefire winner...
and the campaign, many said,
that put him there.
Another great race today,
Who you going to ride
in the Stakes?
Eddie, like my daddy
always used to say...
The message is irrelevant.
The main element
we have to deal with...
is that fear is
what's driving a lot of people.
The president is a product.
He's the President
of the United States at 89%.
Which we're dealing with today.
It's time the American people
began to look at that.
Now we're going
to take your calls.
The number is 1-800...
Oh, shit.
Stanley, what are you doing?
What am I doing?
I'm going to call somebody.
That's very funny.
I'm going to get
these people straight.
You can't do that.
Watch me.
You knew the deal
when you signed on.
Come on. Deals change.
Sure it is.
Let's rethink
that ambassadorship.
I'm talking London.
I'm talking Paris.
A secret account
for your extra expenses...
getting laid whenever you want.
Marine guards will salute you.
It's tempting, but I got
to answer to a higher calling.
You think I did this for money?
I did this for credit.
You knew
you couldn't take the credit.
I'm not going to stand here...
and let two dickheads
from film school take it.
Listen to me.
Are you nuts?
Stanley, no fooling.
You're playing with your life.
Fuck my life.
I want the credit.
Know what the New York Times
said about my last picture?
They called it
"a thrill ride for the ages..."
but they didn't mention
the producer.
They talked
about the costumes...
but never talked
about the producer.
You know what
that picture grossed?
Now I'm going to stand here...
and let some limp-dick
film-school pansy...
take the credit?
You can't do it.
Don't you tell me that!
Don't you ever tell me that!
I am the producer!
If I didn't step up,
you're nowhere!
I put this together
out of spit and polish!
Look at that.
That is a complete
fucking fraud...
and it looks 100% real.
It's the best work
I've ever done in my life...
because it's so honest.
They told me I couldn't
remake Moby Dick...
from the point of view
of the whale.
$450 million domestic.
I'm not even talking
about the video.
I made this lame turkey fly.
I did it-- pure Hollywood.
For once in my life,
I won't be pissed on.
Do you hear me?
I want the credit.
I'm taking it.
He's coming down.
Could I see you a minute?
Do you swear to uphold...
the duties
and responsibilities...
of a citizen of
the United States of America--
to defend her
in time of peril...
to defend her from all enemies,
foreign and domestic?
Do you make this pledge
with full resolve?
Common ground...
and family.
Let's give thanks...
to the 303.
Years from now...
when we are gone...
our children's kids...
will hear this song.
Think how strong...
and proud they'll be.
Grandpa fought...
for the 303.
God bless the men...
of the 303.
Present arms!
Turning to the Hollywood page...
famed film producer
Stanley R. Motss...
died suddenly
of a massive heart attack...
while sunbathing poolside.
Mr. Motss
was 57 or 62-years-old...
depending on the bio.
His credits
include numerous films...
which America has come
to love as old classics.
This just in.
A group calling itself
"Albania Unite..."
has claimed responsibility
for the bombing moments ago...
of the village of Klos, Albania.
The president
was unavailable for comment...
but General William Scott
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff...
says he has no doubt we'll
be sending planes and troops...
back in to finish the job.Another great race today,
Who are you gonna
ride in the Stakes?
Eddie, like my daddy
always used to
Плутовство Плутовство

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