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plans yet...
to hold a press conference.
Folks in Santa Fe
and the rest of America...
are waiting for a response
from the White House...
on these harsh allegations.
With the election days away,
the big question is...
how much will this scandal
affect the outcome?
Top people, Albanian desk.
I don't know, either,
but we probably have one.
Roust them out of bed.
Albanian desk, CIA, NSA.
Roust them, sirens blaring.
I know they're gonna be up
in an hour.
I want them up now.
Tell your staff...
General Scott in Seattle?
I don't think his trip
has to do with the B-3 bomber.
I'll have to ask you
to turn that off.
It'll just be a second.
There are no electronics
on the plane.
I have to ask you
to turn that off.
It'll just take two seconds.
We've said flat out
there is no B-3 bomber.
I understand.
If it is true, he should,
he must step down...
and if it's not true,
then he must...
We are informed he has extended
his visit to China.
I say on behalf of
the American people, come home.
Face the music,
whatever that may be.
The election's in 11 days.
Let the American people decide.
"Let the American people
Senator Neal,
presidential candidate.
Excuse me, Senator...
That's 11 days
till the election...
and the president
ahead in the polls by-- Bob?
Seventeen percent.
Accusations have surfaced which
could affect the outcome...
The White House has announced...
in response
to the media pressure...
there will be
a press conference.
This is how
a Hollywood producer lives?
This is bigger
than the White House.
Get me my veggie shake...
and remind me
to turn over in 10 minutes...
to tan the other side.
Do I know you?
We have mutual friends
in Washington.
Yes, as you said,
and is it true?
Mr. Motss, I wouldn't--
You wouldn't be here
if it wasn't true.
Really, who could say?
I like the guy.
He signed his book to me...
"For two generations--"
What was it?
"For progress to occur,"
I think he said.
Two Generations to Agree, yes.
That's what he inscribed.
How'd you know that?
That's the title of the book.
That's the title?
For Progress to Occur
It's Necessary for Two--
That's a terrible title.
You're right.
For Two Generations to Agree.
That is the title.
I never looked at the cover.
I just looked
at what he wrote to me.
When you get the time,
read the cover.
John Levy is expected to respond
to the allegations...
of sexual misconduct
by the president.
This guy is fucked.
What one has to do, Mr. Motss,
is fight a holding action.
They'll run this man
through the shredder.
If we hold the break
in the dam till the election...
we got a chance.
You can't hold the dam.
I don't get
what you want me to do.
...advised him to stay
in China for one or two days.
During that time,
of course, we'll remain--
But he's gotta
come back sometime.
What is one or two days
gonna buy you?
Look at all those hands.
Brer Rabbit
couldn't get out of this.
Would you comment please
on the rumors...
that the president's delay...
is due to the situation
in Albania?
There is...
I'm not aware of the situation
to which you refer.
We've just learned
that the State Department...
has set up a special Albanian
task force at Ops Center.
Mr. Sklansky, I am-- We have--
Mrs. Rose?
Early this morning,
General Scott flew to Seattle.
Is his trip connected
with the B-3 bomber?
To the best of my knowledge,
there is no B-3 bomber.
Mr. Levy, is the situation
in Albania related...
to the Muslim fundamentalist
anti-American uprising?
Now they get it.
There you go.
There's a little help.
...that have
fundamentalist movements...
How close are you to this?
What do you want the kid to say?
We will keep you apprised
of any new information.
At this time,
there is no information...
Have him say...
I know we're all concerned
for the president.
I'm sure that our hopes
and prayers are with him.
Could you have Levy say...
"I know we're all
Плутовство Плутовство

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