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welcome to history.
Sergeant Schumann, l'm Ames.
Somebody named Brean?
Right here.
Sign here for me.
you want to take her up?
There's heavy weather back east.
What do you think?
6 to 5 and pick 'em.
You want to chance it?
lf it'll fly, let's fly.
People are waiting.
A child at the airport
breaks through the ranks...
runs to Old Shoe,
rubs meat on Schumann's cuff.
A little dog runs to it.
The dog loves Schumann.
He is a perfect war hero.
You cast him.
All right. Book it up.
What's this?
Keys to the manacles.
Oh, my God.
What is the trouble?
No trouble at all, ma'am.
Then why is he in chains?
He's in chains
because he's a convict.
A convict?
How you doing?
Take a look.
When we asked
for special programs...
they gave us special prisons.
Only a one-word difference.
-Has he been in jail long?
-12 years.
Does he have much longer
to serve?
What did he do?
He raped a nun.
-l don't want to know an "and."
Why is there an "and"?
He's fine as long
as he gets his medications.
And if he doesn't?
He's not fine.
Up there, Captain.
You'd better get us
to Washington.
How are ya?
Gonna get me back tomorrow?
'Cause, you know, tomorrow
they're having beans.
l need a readjustment.
We have to rethink this.
We're trying to do this thing.
As long as you
get me back for the beans.
He's sicker than we thought.
Rush him under wraps
to Walter Reed for tests.
lf you're gonna keep me out,
l'd like to go to church.
You know what l mean?
Are you very religious?
What have you done to me?
All combat takes place
at night in the rain...
at the junction
of four map segments.
What are you going to do?
He's fine as long
as he gets his medication.
Speaking of that,
we're gonna need lots of this.
Get on the phone and get it.
You people are looking
at this wrong.
lf you look at the back story...
the guy is coming back
from combat and torture...
of course he's going to be
a little fucked up.
He's gonna need help.
Anybody want a beer?
'Cause l could party.
l'm gonna need an ambulance.
We take him the last moment
from the plane.
We land, take him
from the plane to the ambulance.
Air Force jet lands, we take
somebody else from that jet.
What the fuck do l care?
Somebody in a hospital gown.
You get me back for the beans.
'Cause tomorrow's the beans.
'Cause this dog
ain't gonna hunt.
He's gonna be fine.
Aren't you, William?
Speaking of which,
l have a prescription here.
l want you standing by
with a lot of this stuff.
A crate of it. lt's...
The number is V--
This is nothing.
l used to think
l was a pharmacist...
the stuff l carried.
With the beans, you can tell
if they're puttin' stuff in it.
So you don't have to fear it.
What kind of stuff?
What do you mean,
what kind of stuff?
He just wanted to know
what you meant.
Did you mean?
-l didn't.
-He didn't mean.
-He didn't mean anything.
-You meant something.
He didn't mean anything.
Give him another pill.
What the fuck do you mean,
what kind of stuff?
Pill, William.
This is nothing.
Did you ever shoot in ltaly?
Try three starlets swacked-out
on Benzedrine and grappa.
This is nothing.
This is a walk in the park.
Who are you?
Who are you sons of bitches?
-Just calm down.
Where are you taking me?
Oh, my God!
Sergeant Willie Schumann
is coming home.
Schumann's plane should be
over the Atlantic Ocean...
making its final descent
back into this country.
The White House reported...
he was safely rescued
and on his way to American soil.
We're still waiting
for his plane...
at Andrews Air Force Base.
A plane that is due to land.
Long overdue.
The president is monitoring
the situation...
personally and closely.
We will keep you updated
as to any developments.
Thank you very much.
Oh, God.
What do we do now?
What do we do now, boy producer?
Mister win-an-Emmy,
social-conscience, whale-shit...
Плутовство Плутовство

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