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This is terrific.
This is lucky this happened.
He was left behind,
just discarded...
like an old shoe.
That's good.
What's good? What did l say?
-Old shoe?
lt's just instinct.
Get me the Pentagon...
a list of people in all
military special programs.
"Left behind like an old shoe."
That is good.
l want to talk to Johnny.
What is it?
The war is over.
We're going to need a new song.
lt should be a song
about a shiny shoe...
a black patent shoe...
a good old shoe.
l was on my way to get drunk.
You get drunk, but l need
a good old shoe song.
A ballad of loss...
-Want to help me?
Loss and redemption
is very good.
What key do you want it in?
l don't know keys.
People here are depressed
because the war just ended.
Please give me a new song.
l got him.
King, Pentagon.
Take it.
l need a list
of military special programs.
Bottom of the ninth.
They don't know
who they're playing with.
They don't shut down
our picture.
You people gonna be long?
l'll put away the equipment.
l don't know what l'm doing.
l think l'm supposed
to be writing a song.
What kind of song?
ls there anybody there named...
l got a great idea.
Old shoe, new shoe.
Daddy had a hound dog...
used to call him Blue.
Follow me 'round...
stick to me like glue.
His favorite thing
to play with...
used to be a good ol' shoe.
Wait a minute.
Used to be.
You hit that 16-16.
Well, l wish l had a woman...
who was half as good and true.
Anybody here know Morse code?
What you gonna do?
Give me the fax.
Sergeant William Schumann,
U.S. Army...
serial number 2131284262.
Good ol' shoe...
Here's the deal.
Good Ol' Shoe.
Whatever you walk in...
he will get you through.
He's in a sweater...
and he's...
We drop him behind enemy lines.
He's trapped.
The sweater.
-ln the sweater.
ls there a way we can make it
sound old and scratchy...
with, like, a hiss?
With an old label.
l see where you're going.
Stand up straight and tall...
the way he taught you to.
l'll write a speech.
l'll help you with the speech.
The president reveals
that William Schumann...
was trapped behind enemy lines.
This is good.
People will weep.
Soul of a good ol' shoe.
He might even get to heaven...
on the soul of his good ol'...
Here's the president's speech.
Put this
in the Library of Congress.
Folk music section, 1930.
Right away, please.
Get it in
the Library of Congress now.
Oh, God.
Who's seeing
the CBS guy tonight?
Tonight, you remember some song
from the folk song days--
about a good old shoe.
You're with him watching
the president's speech--
What if he's busy?
-Lure him.
-What are you saying?
l don't have to be
your confessor, darling.
Tell him you've got info
on the sex scandal...
it's on your conscience.
He'll drop whatever he's doing.
This is a shitty business.
lt needs no ghost from the grave
to tell us that...
but, Lord willing,
eight days from now...
l'm gonna take you
into the second term.
Wait till you hear the speech.
The 303 speech. Great.
Where's that Fad King?
l'll get him.
Could we go now?
A good plan today is better
than a perfect plan tomorrow.
How are they doing
on Sergeant Schumann?
They're working on him,
they're finding him.
Good. lt's working.
lt's all happening.
lt's taking place around us.
lt is in the works.
lt is being addressed.
We are being proactive.
We are going out with what
may be the finest example--
Get me an update on the army,
the Pentagon.
Get this guy Schumann.
Have him standing by.
l gotta tell you,
l see a lot of glum faces.
Please don't be disconsolate.
This is politics at its finest.
This is where the rubber
meets the road.
We've got a leader
going out tonight...
to 95 million American homes.
He's gonna turn
this thing around.
You think this is tough?
l was 4 months into production
on The Song
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