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around us.
lt is in the works.
lt is being addressed.
We are being proactive.
We are going out with what
may be the finest example--
Get me an update on the army,
the Pentagon.
Get this guy Schumann.
Have him standing by.
l gotta tell you,
l see a lot of glum faces.
Please don't be disconsolate.
This is politics at its finest.
This is where the rubber
meets the road.
We've got a leader
going out tonight...
to 95 million American homes.
He's gonna turn
this thing around.
You think this is tough?
l was 4 months into production
on The Song of Solomon...
found out l didn't
have the rights.
Turn it up. lt's our spot.
Tough? This is nothing.
Will you look at that shit?
'Cause you don't change
horses in midstream.
Don't change horses.
This speech is good.
We're kinda locked into it,
Mr. President.
For the future
of our families...
The music.
Where did they get that?
-Pain in the ass.
He won't do the speech.
What do you mean?
What choice does he have?
He won't do the speech?
He says it's corny.
lt's what? lt's corny?
Of course it's corny.
We wouldn't have him say it
if it wasn't.
lt's not a question.
This is the center
for rest of the thing.
Don't tell me it's corny.
We're locked into the speech,
We're locked in.
We are playing way past this.
We are past this.
This is what l need.
Get me 30 secretaries
and put them in an office now.
l need to see the president.
l need 5 minutes.
Know what this reminds me of?
Years ago, when l first
went out to Hollywood...
they said,
"lt's too theatrical."
l was from the theater.
Everything was over their heads.
He thinks it's corny.
Don't tell me it's corny.
Tell him l'm comin'.
My fellow Americans,
l thank a merciful God...
and l am sure
each and every one of us...
will thank that Supreme Power...
whatever we conceive
that power to be...
that peace is at hand.
The threat of nuclear terrorism
has been quelled.
Mr. President, l'm using
a little more projection...
because l think this speech
needs a little umph.
Bear with me.
Thank you so much.
That was so moving.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
l felt very much at home
in there.
Simple quirk of fate.
l could have gone this way.
lt's all a change in wardrobe.
Was it too much?
l'll tell you.
You did it.
You jumped in there...
and saved the thing
when the thing needed saving.
lt wasn't too much?
Maybe it was.
The president doesn't
have to say it that way.
lt's like Plato once said.
lt doesn't matter
how you get there...
as long as you get there.
He said that?
What is it exactly
you do for the president?
My fellow Americans,
l thank a merciful God...
and l'm sure all of us
will thank that Supreme Power...
whatever we conceive
that power to be...
that peace is at hand.
The threat of nuclear terrorism
has been quelled.
We are in contact
with the Albanian premier...
who assures me--
and this government
credits his assurances--
his country
does not wish us ill...
Know any Latin?
l, Claudius.
That's what l know.
l need a Latin motto
for the patch.
The 303 patch.
...but by
a designation number, 303.
A member was left behind
what were then enemy lines.
l can only say to those
family members of Group 303...
whose members are,
l know as l speak...
gathering to comfort you.
To the parents
of the missing man...
no effort will be spared...
to find this brave man
and bring him home.
We've just received
this photograph of Schumann...
held by a dissident group
of Albanian terrorists.
l don't know how many of you
know Morse code...
but could you
bring the camera closer?
You'll see his sweater is worn.
lt has been unraveled in places.
Those places
form dashes and dots...
and those dots spell out
a message in Morse code.
That message is, "Courage, Mom."
He got the message through.
Not bad for government work.
Having a good time?
Haven't had this much fun
since live TV.
Плутовство Плутовство

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