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tech team's arrived.
Just in time.
You better hope they find
the source of that feed.
There's something
I haven't told you, Eric.
- I'm done listening to you.
- Maybe I can just show it to you.
But unfortunately, it's going to be
difficult for me to get it myself...
so perhaps you could ask
the people...
who are listening
on that walkie in there...
if they could get it for me,
all right?
Brown desk.
Second drawer down.
You might not remember
all those people...
but I'm sure they remember you.
You were the arresting officer
in all their cases...
and you were the one
who planted all the evidence...
used to obtain
their convictions.
You were the one
who put them away.
Your son is playing a game
with a lot of people...
who don't like you very much,
It would be a shame
if they discovered who he was.
You all possess
the combination to the safe.
Think hard. The numbers
are in the back of your mind.
The clues of their order
can be found over the rainbow.
Son of a bitch.
What are you doing?
I haven't decided yet.
You know, the others...
they're scared of you.
You and me...
we can keep going at each other
like we're back in the yard...
or we can come together
and figure out who's doing this to us.
You and the others
can do what you want.
I already found
what I'm looking for.
You remind me of me.
No matter what kind of
fucked up situation you're in...
you always gotta
find yourself an enemy.
You know what?
I got enemies, man.
Outside these fuckin' walls, bro.
And they're looking for me.
And if they don't find me...
they going after the ones
closest to me.
My family.
You understand?
No. I don't understand.
It's just me...
and that's the way I like it.
Now, turn around.
Turn around.
Oh, shit.
No. We can't stop.
Oh, my God.
We've been here for two hours.
If what that tape says is true...
then in one hour,
the front door will open.
- We're not gonna make it that long.
- That's a real winning attitude.
She knows what she's talking about.
Oh, yeah?
''X'' marks the spot.
''X'' marks--
marks the spot.
There's the answer.
What are you doing with him?
This is your father?
- What, you know him?
- Yeah.
He's the guy who put me away.
He set me up.
Tell me that's not your father.
It's OK. It's OK.
I can't trust any of you.
You two are on your own.
Now we know
what we have in common.
Amanda, please. I didn't know.
Hey, kid, Amanda!
Where are you?
Please don't leave me.
We gotta move.
Hey, kid.
I found a way out.
Hey, kid!
Eric! No! Stop!
Get your hands off of me!
We tried it your way.
You motherfucker, where is he?
Damn it.
Not a lot to go now
until your son is pissing blood.
Now, that's the Eric Mathews
they gave medals to.
Help me!
Oh, my God.
Help me!
Help me!
It's OK.
- Help me.
- It's OK.
Nobody's listening anymore,
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth. Come on.
There you go.
You gonna tell me
where he is now?
Say it again.
Game--game over.
I'll take you to the house.
You're gonna take me right now.
Right now.
I will only take you.
No one else.
All right.
Me and you.
How do we get out of here?
There's a button on the wall.
You better hurry.
There's not much time left.
- The elevator! Open it!
- Come on!
- Pull it down!
- Fuck!
Secure the warehouse now!
All right. Let's go!
- Go! Go! Go! Go!
- Damn it.
We've got a lock.
This is Kerry.
They're both gone.
If I don't find my son,
I swear to God...
Kerry, they're gone.
Fucking gone.
Yes! Kerry. We got a lock.
We got a lock on the house.
- Rigg, we got it.
- What?!
237 North Hyde Crescent.
237 North Hyde Crescent. Got it.
Where to now?
Straight ahead.
Come on, come on.
Where are you?
Make a right on Alfred.
Come on, let's go!
Open the fucking door!
Open the door!

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