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Darwin's theory of evolution...
and survival of the fittest...
based on his little trip
to the Galapagos...
no longer applies
on this planet.
We have a human race
that doesn't have the edge...
or the will to survive.
What the fuck do you want?!
It's hard to remain calm,
isn't it...
when your son is walking around
on those monitors.
I can't give you
what you want...
if you don't tell me
what the fuck it is.
I told you what it is.
Just remember the rules.
No, you said you wanted to talk.
Then you said
you wanted to play a game.
You're talking,
but it means nothing!
What do you think
the cure for cancer is, Eric?
The cure for cancer. What is it?
I don't know what it is.
But I know it's not killing
and torturing people...
for your own
sick fucking pleasure.
I've never murdered anyone
in my life.
The decisions are up to them.
Yeah, well, putting a gun
to someone's head...
and forcing them to pull the trigger
is still murder.
Since when is force
a problem for you?
Why are you so desperate
to get your son back?
'Cause he's my son.
What's the last thing you said to him
before you left him?
Well, then go!
Seems to me that the knowledge
of your son's impending death...
is causing you to act.
Why is that we're
only willing to do that...
when a life is at stake?
I've always loved my son.
That's never changed.
No, no. It's changed now.
You see, the knowledge of death
changes everything.
If I were to tell you the exact date
and time of your own death...
it would shatter
your world completely.
I know.
Can you imagine
what it feels like...
to have someone sit you down...
John Kramer?
...and tell you
that you're dying?
The gravity of that, hmm?
That the clock's ticking for you.
In a split second,
your world is cracked open.
You look at things differently,
you smell things differently.
You savor everything,
be it a glass of water...
or a walk in the park.
The clock is ticking, John.
But most people have the luxury
of not knowing...
when that clock's gonna go off.
And the irony of it is
that that keeps them...
from really living their life.
It keeps them drinking
that glass of water...
but never really tasting it.
You can still fix this, John.
Yeah, but can we fix you?
I'm not fixable.
I've got cancer.
You're using cancer as an excuse
for what you do?
The cancer isn't
what started me in my work.
It was the moment that
I decided to end my life...
that started me in my work...
and brought meaning to it.
I had literally
driven myself to suicide...
and I had failed.
My body had not been strong enough
to repel cancer cells...
yet I had lived through
a plunge off a cliff.
But to my amazement,
I was alive.
And I was determined to spend
the rest of my days...
testing the fabric
of human nature.
Do you understand, Eric?
You got a chance to do something.
Do it right now, John.
Just tell me where my son is.
- I'll help you.
- I don't need your help...
and I can tell
you still don't understand.
Those that don't appreciate life
do not deserve life.
My son appreciates his life.
But do you appreciate yours?
Do you appreciate your son's?
Oh, what is this shit?!
Don't forget the rules...
if you want to find your son.
Where are you?
No. No, we don't have
15 minutes.
We need that location
to the video feed.
Hey. I don't think
we should stop, OK?
Hello? Can you hear me?
It's the second time
I've had to wake up...
in this shit hole.
You think you can stand up?
Yeah. But I don't
really want to.
There's so much left to do.
So many people left to talk to.
This can't be it.
It's not.
Amanda, you said
you survived this, right?
I what?
This guy--
whoever's doing it--
you said that you've played before,
and you survived.
So that means we could survive.
Amanda, why did he pick you?
Because I was a fuckin' junkie.
And the funny thing is...
I passed the little test.
If you passed his test,

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