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I'll rip your fuckin' head off.
I don't intend
to mock you, officer...
but I'm a cancer patient.
How could you possibly
put me in any more pain...
than I'm already in?
Just get them here now.
All right,
tech team's on the way.
Should have your signal traced
within an hour, maybe two.
He said he wants to talk to me alone.
Well, maybe you should talk to him.
Well, fuck that.
Five minutes, old-school method.
He's not gonna respond to
the phone book treatment, you know that.
Don't underestimate
a tried and true method here.
I am the one who's been working
on this case from day one.
I have been spending every
waking moment piecing it together.
Maybe that's why you ain't got
a goddamn family for yourself...
and you can't understand
what this man is going through.
I don't want to talk to him.
Listen, you already lost
your son one time before...
because you got involved with me.
It's not gonna happen again.
This is bullshit.
What are we gonna do?
Just humor him,
buy us a little more time.
We can win this, Eric.
We can beat him.
All right.
Find an antidote.
Several are hidden
around this house.
One is inside the safe
in front of you.
You all possess
the combination to the safe.
Think hard. The numbers
are in the back of your mind.
Think hard. The numbers
are in the back of your mind.
The clues of their order
can be found...
Hey, wait a minute.
Where you going?
I'm gonna find an antidote,
and I'm gonna get out of here.
What? Antidote?
You been in the joint.
You talked to the guards
that run the chambers.
You know there ain't no antidote
for this shit.
Look at this.
The doors are locked.
Hear that? It's wood.
Plus, dog, it's not a fortress,
it's a fucking house.
All I'm saying is
let's just take our time...
and come up with a game plan.
Well, you come up
with a game plan.
All right?
I'm gettin' out of here.
- You OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I wouldn't do that if I was you.
You don't know what's behind
that fuckin' door.
Clear the room.
Let's talk.
Sit down, Eric.
I want to play a game.
The rules are simple.
All you have to do
is sit here and talk to me...
listen to me.
If you do that long enough...
then you will find your son
in a safe and secure state.
We haven't been
properly introduced.
My name's John.
I thought you liked
to be called Jigsaw.
It was the police and the press
who coined the nickname Jigsaw.
I never encouraged
or claimed that.
The Jigsaw piece I cut
from my subjects...
was only ever meant
to be a symbol...
that that subject
was missing something...
a vital piece
of the human puzzle...
the survival instinct.
This is all really,
really interesting, John.
But right now I'd really like
for you to talk to me--
I am talking to you.
You're not listening.
- Don't forget the rules.
- I'm listening to you.
But all I'm hearing is
the same sick fucking bullshit...
that comes about two seconds
into every interview...
I've ever done
with one of you fuckin' people.
Well, that's an interesting approach
to police work, isn't it?
Aren't you supposed to be
convincing me that I'm your friend...
lulling me into
a false sense of security...
so that I'll confide in you?
It's a little hard
to follow the manual...
when you've got my son, John.
The manual?
What do you really want
to do to me right now?
What would you have done
five years ago?
Would you have followed
the manual then?
Would you have broken my jaw
with a flashlight?
You seem to know
a whole lot about me.
I know you were once considered
a fearless police officer.
Do you feel a whole lot safer
now that you only sit behind a desk?
I feel a whole lot of things
right now.
But you feel alive,
that's what you feel.
And that's the point.
Would you...
get me a glass of water?
I would very much
appreciate that.
Well, we've established that
the macho bullshit approach...

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