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What is this, house arrest?
- We in jail?
- No. This ain't jail, man.
Yeah, you done a lot of time?
Yeah. Too much.
Somebody open the fucking door!
I don't think
anybody's listening.
Damn. What the fuck is this?
Somebody's listening.
Those types of cameras
don't have sound.
How do you just wake up in a room
and have no idea where you are?
I guess you never
been drunk before.
I've been drunk.
I spent three years at college.
Drunk--this isn't drunk.
This is kidnapping.
Look, I saw this movie
on TV last week.
This guy, he was a reporter,
and he goes into this war zone, right?
He goes to sleep in his hotel room
the first night.
Bam! He wakes up
the next morning.
He's in a cell with no windows
and no light.
And he spent nine years
in that room.
Nine years? Man, that's nothing.
Get over it.
What do you mean, get over it?
I mean stop bitching about it
and let's do something.
I think we should all
just calm down.
Shut up! Shut up!
I hear something.
What is it?
It's ticking. I hear ticking.
Hey. Hey. Hey. Calm down.
Calm down. What's your name?
- Where am l?
- I don't know.
Nobody knows. We all just
woke up here like you.
No! No!
- No!
- It's OK.
What are you looking for?
What is this?
Everything you need to know
is on this.
Greetings and welcome.
I trust that you are all
wondering where you are.
I can assure you that,
while your location is not important...
what these walls offer for you
is important--
salvation, if you earn it.
Three hours from now,
the door to this house will open.
you only have two hours to live.
Right now you are breathing in
a deadly nerve agent.
You've been breathing it
since you arrived here.
Those of you familiar
with the Tokyo subway attacks...
will know its devastating
effects on the human body.
The only way to overcome it
and walk out that door...
is to find an antidote.
Several are hidden
around this house.
One is inside the safe
in front of you.
You all possess
the combination to the safe.
Think hard.
The numbers are in
the back of your mind.
The clues of their order
can be found over the rainbow.
Once you realize
what you all have in common...
you will be in a better understanding
of why you're here.
''X'' marks the spot for that clue,
so look carefully.
Let the game begin.
- Who is this?
- What does he mean, gas?
And how did you know
where to find this?
This is bullshit.
''Do not attempt to use this key
on the door to this room.''
Fuck this, man.
Yeah, fuck this.
That's a good idea.
No, no. That's not a good idea.
So what are we gonna do, huh?
Sit here?
The note said
not to use the key.
Who gives a shit
about the note, all right?
This is all a fuckin'
big goddamn joke.
And I'm about to end it.
You better start talking
right now.
- What is this?
- It's a game.
Ain't no fuckin' game!
My man just got his head blown off!
- He's testing us.
- Who's testing us?
- Jigsaw.
- Who the hell is Jigsaw?
You don't watch
the fuckin' news?
- No. Who is he?
- He's a serial killer.
No, he's not. He's testing us.
He wants us to survive this.
But you have to play
by the fucking rules!
I'm gonna ask you again.
How do you know all this?
Because I've played before.
I want a tech team
in here now.
Find out where that feed
is coming from.
What do you want with me?
A little of your time,
I don't have any time.
You asked me what I wanted,
and I told you.
Believe me when I tell you
your son is in a lot of trouble.
And what if I give you
a little bit of my time, what then?
I only want to talk to you.
Everyone else must leave.
Those are my conditions.
No. It's a crime scene,
nobody leaves.
They don't have to leave the building,
they just have to leave this area...
long enough for me
to talk to you.
If you agree to that,
then you will see your son again.
If I don't see my son again...
I swear to God,

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