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Along the straight line
You are free,
go into the tent.
Note of the report of the Chief
department, 13 of the NKVD.
"In the inquest it was found
that the object is unavailable
and needs special treatment.
Soviet psychiatry has
made a great successes,
thanks to the occupational
and to the work in the
Wrapping with wet towels
had a good influence
on the psyches of patients.
Comatose insuline blockade
was successfully applied.
Application of insluing  a
Substance released by the pancreas.
This method relies on
positive changes of metabolism.
Good results are achieved by
electroshock therapy too.
Ivan willingly accepted
all procedures.
Painful procedures.
He wanted to be cured.
And to tell.
But the treatment
didnt give any results.
His strength returned.
He could still talk.
I tried to teach him
to write again.
But he didnt want.
Ivan fled
Autumn, after a year.
Do you like to cook?
What is your favorite meal?
Plotavian roast.
I dont know. Really.
You always tell the truth?
I dont lie to anyone.
You were close to Haralamov.
I wouldnt want to gossip.
I dont gossip.
You know the instruction
which prohibits
to let the patients go?
- Where is he?
I dont know.
Where is he?!
- I really dont know!
Did he mention any
addresses, names?
No, nothing.
I lied to him!
Ivan wrote many letters.
More specifically, I wrote them,
he dictated.
To whom he wrote them?
To politbiro, to the circus,
To Nadezhda Svetlaya.
Many letters.
But ... I'm not sending them.
I write and hide them...
I was afraid for Ivan.
Are the letters preserved?
No, Ivan found them.
He no longer spoke with me
until he left the next month.
I looked for him...
But no one had heard of him
like he didnt existed.
After a year I got married.
My husband was among the first
which passed the northern sea route
in one season.
And I have given birth to
two daughters.
37 people are listed in the operational
development of the NKVD
in the case of Ivan Harlamov.
Joseph Petrovich Isakov,
participant in the blind men choir
in the mine of Krilatovo
He claims that in 1929
he was an accountant
But there is evidence
that to 1949
he worked as a longshoreman
on Botraki port.
Until he was fired because
of eye disease
which occurred after trauma
on his head.
Babadzhyan Gaparov.
According to passport - Tajik,
but he does not speak Tajik.
All over his head and body --
many scars.
The right hand  scar
from a gunshot wound.
After questioning the deserter
from colone ? 122
he was opet for investigation.
Eugene Gluhov...
Sergei Plohotin...
Sergei Zuenko...
Theyve been looking for Ivan
for many years.
And didnt find him.
KGB discovered traces of Suprun
after 30 years.
In 1968
there was a very strange problem.
Half-year results of covert
over an old graveyard keeper
in a suburb of Cape Town.
I remember this.
They called him
"Alexander Nevsky".
He came to the circus in 1946.
After the illness.
He said - after the illness.
He didnt talk much.
And stayed.
Intially a costumer,
then our art teacher
invented him a number.
The man called
Alexander Nevsky,
leaves Ulyanovsk circus
tt the end of 1951.
We do not have any more information
about Ivan Harlamov.
The time when the spacecraft,
led by a man 
would corss the universe
isnt far away!
Currently, scientists are experimenting
with various
biological crews.
The flight involves bacteria,
Viruses, onions,
bees, mice, rats,
rabbits, dogs.
Kinolenta is found on the site
Where the Chilean globe dropped.
Ownership of the Natural museum
in the town of Antafagasta.

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