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doesnt lear from
its mistakes.
They are slightly excited
for themselves.
There is no technical
nor moral progress.
Every effort...
is either useless
or harmful.
Monitored subject:
Fyodor Suprun.
Uncle, come ...
Right there, below.
Uncle, where are you going?
Six days after the launch,
despite the heavy observation
Suprun disappears too.
You ask weird questions,
comrade director.
Besides camre, I didnt have
any other weapons in my hand.
Without weapons nothing happens.
NoMy memory is good.
But I remember nothing.
Vladimir Ivanovich, but you have
seen it all, you shot everything.
Your name is written on
every third box.
I understand  secrecy,
Rocket is falling apart,
constructor is running away,
all of it is considered a
But as time has passed
Excuse me,
my right boot is untied.
Would you tie it up?
What did you do in Crimea?
I got ill from dysentery.
I was in one hospital,
then in another
A good woman,
Masha Mikelovich,
took me to her place.
I stayed with her until the war.
I realized that it is dangerous
to go back.
Hanif Ivanovic, I didt mean
to show you these images,
but you must show them.
The spider has eight eyes,
while a cricket has fawcet eyes.
Hanif Fatahov Ivanovic,
the last cosmonaut,
died in his workshop
while shooting this film.
The project was terminated,
people disappear.
Now it seems that they
are ahead of their time.
But there was a rocket!
In March 1938
news about the fall
of a fireball in Chile
was in all papers.
"Passengers in liner Fortuna
Saw a fireball in the sky"
"The sun fell over Chile"
"Meteorite? Comet? Marsians?"
"Chilean globe.
The gods returned to Chile"
"Commission of the League of Nations
found no traces of the globe"
Chita. District
Psychiatric Hospital
As I wrote you.
I read about the find in Chile
and I wrote you.
"The secret of the Chilean
globe revealed"
The shepherd located debris of a
foreign aircraft in the mountains.
Chile. 200 kilometers north of the
town Olyagua.
The area where Chilean globe
Chilean globe fell on
March 24, 1938.
Supruns rocket took off a week
Before  March 16.
Our production crew
went to Chile.
But they were late.
Someone already took the debris
of the Chliean globe.
But not all.
Pastor Sergio Arihas sold
us for $120
Chilean globe debris.
This was a part of the management board
for the first Soviet rocket.
August 1939.
River Halhin-Gaulle, Mongolia.
Soviet-Mongolian army
gathered in First Army Group,
started the offensive
before the enemy.
Japanese militarists lost
370 aircrafts
and 48 thousand were killed,
wounded or captured.
In the archives of the Ministry
of Defense
I found a record of the interrogation
of the captured Japanese officer
Hisaki Ito.
He spoke about a strange man
He met in the steppes,
coming out of a sphere (surroundings).
Ivan Harlamov was located in Mongolia,
in the area of hostilities,
year and a half
after the launch of the rocket.
Report of a military doctor
? 16-450 of Unit
"The condition of the object is due
to the skull-brain trauma."
"Head and body have
numerous scars."
"It is possible to hallucinate."
"Submitted to the psychiatric
hospital in Chita."
- Aye.
How was Japanese territory
Chilean port of Arica ...
Island Nuku-Khiva ...
Solomon island
Chinese port Syamin Amoy ...
Marquesas Islands,
Island Nuku-Khiva ...
We didnt manage to show the
whole of Haralamovs journey.
Because of military bases, banal
lack of money ...
But we found another witness.
He arrived with a Philippine trawler,
he was banished,
he couldnt work.
He was ill.
We also wanted him out.
But we put him in the largest
house in the village.
Then I gave him a boat.
A nice boat.
Haralamov sailed the Pacific
and walked throughout China.
From south to

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