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Interesting, will it fly
or not?
Stand tests
Engine SU-2
Nothing can be done.
It is ready, Comrade
heads of staff.
How long does 101 work?
10 seconds.
Then the bottom is torn.
One. Two. Three. Four.
Five ... seven, eight ...
nine, ten, eleven
twelve ...
Thirteen, fourteen ...
I congratulate you!
Training of our riding
buses with a black perdentsa.
were classified.
"Unit kosmolettsi"
12 hours a day  training,
congestion, work
It was severe.
Height zero.
Measure the pulse.
Starting climb.
Height 3000 meters.
Put your oxygen masks.
Height 8000 meters.
Begin descent.
The descent is complete.
Land! Measure the pulse.
The first space suit was 3 times
heavier than a diving suit.
Even Harlamov
barely walked.
We put our space suites
and we could stand the climb.
Here's how fired.
Quickly. And inaccurate.
Harlamich as always
Mischa hit papa ...
But what the Germans
do there?
I dont understand.
Supersecret project
and suddenly  a German.
I dont understand even today.
Maybe in exchange?
Our seasonal graphics
of Professor Meyer.
Add something in the water
to cool to minus 5.
I even skipped
below the current.
Rushchin joked that it
leaked for 3 days..
NKVD, wine production
"Kagor" No. 9
Comrade director of polygon,
Object E is ready for the launch.
Its alive!
- Yes, I wrote that.
Were trained seriously.
Gulf route, clear sea, the sea of nectar
A tale...
Ah! Heres another astronaut.
Probably all of heaven
are young, as a bar ...
Likely to stay alive
was under 1%,
but dont be afraid.
Objectives boil inside.
Do bushes in 1:38 scale.
In such rocket, there are 120.
After 15 minutes they are ready.
Hey, this is nuts!
Misha, Misha...
The film "Space Trip". Wow!
Fantastic film Space Trip,
by Vasiliy Zhurvlov
out on the screen in 1935.
They lived for the idea
of planetary revolution
people yearn for Soviet Space republics.
Scientific consultant for this film
is our very Tsiolkovski.
Comrades, complete trial
of space trip is over!
The road to space is open!
Show your documents, please!
I have a meeting.
- Yes...
Here, look - do not lie.
What a meeting, you
violate the statute.
You what?!
Guys, do not.
29th of August, 1937.
On this day, Ivan Harlamov, by decision
of Government Committee,
was appointed as a pilot
for the first spaceship
of the USSR.
Stop the train!
In Varvarka, Varvarka
was walking this night
Hi all!
...but squads of cops...
Here is more fun!
arrested hooligans,
pulled out handcuffs,
arrested hooligans,
pulled out handcuffs...
"Im pissing myself"  he cries
and grabs me by the sleeve,
I decided to help him,
how stupid I was then.
On Varvarka, On Varvarka,
just three days before the summer
I was killed by the cop
with the handle of the gun.
Its colder then,
of course ...
...oh, how I love him.
To the bottom?
- To the bottom.
Im scared.
Yes, I shall report
every hour
watching whats going on.
Good luck.
Successful return.
Gentlemen, go to the entering
line, please!
First level
Main level
25 kilometers south of Nyazepetrovsk.
Site of the former spaceport.
Come here!
Come here.
We found a concrete bunker.
Everything started from the start.
They cut out part of
skin of the rocket.
I took a look at Suprun,
it was red, evil ...
After two minutes
I gathered myself.
Nothing happened.
Then I said:
I will not live much longer.
What about Haralamov?
Did he say anything before the launch?
- No! He didnt say anything.
What happened next?
The largest telescope
was in the Crimea.
Suprun flew to Crimea,
to look for the missile.
I asked him to take me.
Suprun didnt find his missile.
Rocket disappeared.
Everything already happened.
The huge experiment didnt
serve anyone.

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