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secret surveillance
Camera SC-29
can be installed
whereever you want:
in the suitcase, ladys purse,
premises on the street ...
Untie shoulder girdle
Well-trained professionals
can make quality
photos by hand
without the pedestal, in any situation
by merging with the crowd.
Keep distance
Fast determination of
distance to the object,
right blend and the diaphragm,
Use tables
of Col. Shoshin
reading light
to object tracking,
Choose an optimal
tracking point
are the basis for success in operating
on the site
and collecting compromised materials.
Sankt-Peterburg. Museum of Zoology.
Workshop of Fatahov Kalif.
We were 30-40,
men and women
Healthy, rosy ...
There was a buxom.
I like her.
The selection was very strict.
This is not even mine
first stage of selection.
All were military personnel, athletes ...
All Communists - beautiful.
Nobody knew
where we were sent.
I thought I know --
That's me!
The band is maintained.
Do I look alike?
- I dont know, a little.
Well, then I was younger.
Excellent in battle
and political training,
elder Hanif Fatahov
of the Black Sea fleet
is ready for unparalleled record:
to swim from Leningrad to Kronshtadt
in ice water.
Nobody in the history of mankind
has not reached such
endurance and fortitude!
Former Kazanski ownerless,
raised by people with love,
elder Hanif Fatahov
carries the Party of the Soviet
flag high!
Nadia Svetlaya.
Bright hope.
She was a beautiful girl,
see what a smile.
Hope of
Soviet sport
Sports competitions
and physical training parades
have become favorite holidays
in our country.
Party and government
established July 18th
as a day of sports.
On the day of sports
finals were held
For Organization to help Defense.
Preparation showed excellent students
from the Institute of Mechanics
Nadia Svetlaya.
She won for the third time
in these contests!
Object for monitoring:
Nadia Svetlaya.
Of those not remembered by anyone
Mishka Roshchin!
When designers
working on the housing frame,
he became the first challenger.
Ulyanovskaya. Circus of lilliputians.
Tell me something else
about Michail Roshchin.
Wrote poetry. Pretty.
- Remember someone.
I can remember only one verse.
I welcome you, great era!
Nothing more.
I was a kid, you know.
Harlamich. My good friend.
He was wounded in the arm.
But he took it.
He was incredibly strong.
Once a polygon couldnt catch
to mount and get it!
Fyodor Fyodorovich Suprun.
General constructor.
Only he knew from the Commission
for what purpose is the selection.
Of course, you do not know
what a great man
sits in the committee.
It was clear
it is the chief.
But it is not a doctor.
Only when all left but four,
he introduced himself.
Suprun was born at the end
of 19th century in Tula.
He became the youngest engineer
in the Department of ballistics.
Already during the third course
they appointed him to work.
Graduated in 1914.
Then  war, Mazurskite
marshes, wounds ...
Never returned to the institute,
worked in Tulskaya arms factory.
Right there a plan for the first
space rocket was made.
It was higher than Spassky Tower
of the Kremlin.
Maybe even wider.
Then I remembered
the Egyptian pyramids.
A good mechanism.
Suprin took drawings of his rocket
to Kremlin in 1928.
During 5 years on the secret project
1.5 million people were working on it.
Blacksmith Vladimir Pimenov
I will set a record!
The first change is made
with 79 bushes.
Blacksmith Pimenov
continues to work.
Second shift - 161 bushes!
Pimenov remains
in the press!
Mechanical presses doesnt hold.
Blacksmith Pimenov says:
There must be another shift!
233 bushes!
New record!
In 30 years?
This is a mystification.
Americans would come to solution
in only 20 years.
But it is very elegant.
Housing frame,

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