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Status of the archive
of film material does not meet the accepted
standards of quality,
but its included in the film
because of its uniqueness.
Cinematographic office
of Ministry of Culture
of Russian Federation
Cinestudio of Sverdlovska
Presents a movie of
Alexandar Fedorchenko
This a report of a special commission
of United Nations,
for researching the fall of a huge
meteorite on the mountains of Northern Chile
on March 1938.
The material was provided by our
Kinoarchives of UN.
This was not a storm, nor wind.
Fireball flew out towards the mountains.
High and slow.
Afterwards, there was thunder.
I didnt manage to get frighten.
Then came the wind and it became scary.
I immediately called police.
But what can our police do?
When a year passed I took my wife,
and returned after two months.
You can look for your whole life here
for that sphere
and find nothing.
Exactly when that thing fell,
the cow of our neighbour Carl gave a birth.
Have  you seen a calf with the wings?
Why does it need wings?
Is it going to fly?
History has preserved the name of
the creator of the first rocket.
11th century. Chinese master
Dzen Gun Lian
has transformed fireworks
into a terrible weapon.
Year 1320.
Giovanni di Fontaine in tractatus
On fish, birds and beasts
describes underwater, air and land
rocket apparats.
Battle of the Tatars on the river Riyaz.
Rocket, taken by Polish entrepreneurs
is called "God's fire".
After their launch
battle stopped right away
for terror covered both armies.
And this is the public execution
of alchemist Johan Folk
on major square in Laipzig.
Attached to the rocket,
invented by him,
he tries in vain
until the last minute
to explain to his fellow citizens
nature of his discovery.
Russia. 19th century.
Combat missile "Zasyavka"
shell of Konstantinov,
submarine - rocketcarrier
of Shilder.
From a letter of Nicolai II
to his wife:
Yesterday there were tests
of a bolide of Grigoriev.
Dear Alex, these fantasies come
of hot pursuit of the Russian
to participate everywhere
with mind and hands.
To continue the work of Tsiolkovski!
Russians repeat these pioneering
experiences of K.E. Tsiolkovski:
rotate patent set to
special centrifuge.
Pionirs! For the work of
Lenin and Stalin:
Finish it!
We will repair error of nature.
Will teach a man to bear
multiple congestion.
But his skeleton is fragile.
See, it is simply ridiculous.
Replacement of the bones with metal
will allow a significant increase
the mechanical strength
of Soviet man.
This means that Soviet man
will deliver a mild shock,
ss the automobil did.
Red pilots
Of land were awarded
engineers and pilots
design of office of Tupolev.
Among the winners in high
government awards
was test-pilot
Captain Ivan Harlamov.
Comrades, hundreds of thousands
skilled workers,
millions of Soviet citizens created
this remarkable aircraft
and secure his motor.
So successes is achieved by us,
this is your success, comrades!
After the award  party-dress ball
was held.
Among us, glorious heroes dance
Valerii Chkalov, Genadii Baydukov,
Ivan Harlamov
Moscow, Kinoarhiv of
Federal Office for Safety
Everything is going
how it should.
And when it is taken,
it happened.
They did it.
Ivan Sergeevich Harlamov
The first information
is from 1930.
The pilot involved Harlamov
in the liquidation of the bands basmachi
in South Turkestan.
Its early.
We do not know when and where
he was born.
We have only one of his
children's picture.
Ivan Harlamov
- "Kazbek" command.
- As always?
Thank you.
- Please. Hi, honey.
Beginning of monitoring Harlamov
in 1935.
Even then, the selection starts.
Minsk. District Military Hospital
Using such cameras.
They work almost noiselessly.
Guide for use
for cine-camera SC-29


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