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Патруль времени

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It's in Calverton, Maryland.
Short drive from Washington.
We have no authority
to get in there.
What about Ricky?
If you were my best friend,
you wouldn't do this to me.
I would have had him killed
right here, but if he's back...
he's already told the story to Matuzak.
God knows who else.
They won't get it, but they'll sure
give it thought if he comes up dead.
- Right.
- He'll have to be erased.
Have him killed
before he joined T.E.C.
That way nobody in the Agency
ever talked to him or even knew him.
- Perfect.
- It's not perfect. It's all we've got.
Don't expect to be
my chief of staff...
if slamming you
into the side of the car...
turns you into a sniveling worm.
Well, what do you know?
At random intervals, Maryland Utilities
shows spikes in demand and duration...
- that are almost identical to ours.
- Send me back.
- No, they won't let us do that.
- Stay out of it, Ricky.
Would it be too much trouble
to call me Richard?
Richard, do I have
a best friend around here?
It isn't me.
Maybe Gordon.
Gordon is a putz. I can tell you
who my best friend was...
in school, in the marines,
when I was a cop.
Gordon doesn't fit.
I'm not saying you do...
but since I'd like to see McComb take a
fall, you get the benefit of the doubt.
- Whoa! Where you goin'?
- We've got to vent the fuel shunts.
Oh, is that right? You'll have
to wait while I get authori...
Was I your only friend?
A launch is not
a one-man operation.
Yeah, I know.
If I'm off on velocity or trajectory,
you're gonna be an omelette.
- You trying to scare me?
- Yeah.
- Just hit the right year.
- I'll see ya.
I've had your wife's goulash
a hundred times; always too much salt.
Here goes the pension.
Emergency launch system
on-line warning.
Emergency launch system
on-line warning.
Manual launch
initiation alert.
Manual launch
initiation alert.
Shut it down! Now!
Telemetry on-line.
Ignition firing on-line.
- Launch now on hold for...
- Last chance!
Launch is now...
- Launch now on hold...
Damn it!
Get me the police mainframe computer.
I want all Jane Does admitted
to local hospitals on October 9.
Check if any of the Jane Does
are victims of multiple gunshot wounds.
Dr. Lemon, call line one-five.
Dr. Lemon, call line one-five.
Police. Jane Doe.
Happy birthday.
Get me anything?
- Tell me what you want.
- I want to go home.
I already know who's gonna
win the next ten World Series.
- No problem.
- Why'd you come back?
I need you to testify
against McComb.
That would be my pleasure.
- It could be dangerous.
- I know that.
It's not that simple.
McComb has made some changes.
- You were never in the T.E.C.
- No, that can't be.
I had the training for six years.
- I have friends.
- I've got to move fast.
If I can find you, so can he.
What can I do?
I need proof
that you existed here.
In case I don't
make the trip, huh?
They just took some blood.
It would be in the lab.
- I'll be right back.
- Hey.
- I really screwed up.
- Yes, you did.
I want to make things right.
You may find you can make
things right for yourself.
I'll be right back.
Wheelchair to Admitting,
please. Wheelchair to Admitting.
Dr. Ryan,
report to Obstetrics.
Dr. Ryan,
report to Obstetrics.
Nurse Remington,
report to main desk.
Nurse Remington,
report to the main desk.
I'm gonna take you
to someplace safe.
What are you doing?
Help! Security!
Help! Security!
Somebody call security!
Call security!
Hey! Hold it!
Don't move!
Pictures bring back
your memories.
- This is for what you're going to do.
- Hey, wha...
- What the...
- Melissa... don't turn around.
- Why? What's wrong?
It's okay.
- Listen. Listen.
- Who are you?
It's me. Look.
It's Max.
Max? Max, what happened?
I can't tell you right now.
We have to go.
Trust me.
Trust me.
Come on.
Let's go.
Here! Here!
Please! Just tell me
what happened to
Патруль времени Патруль времени

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