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Патруль времени

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is my first real launch.
Great. Don't stick
your head out of the window.
- She's a little shaky.
- Blood pressure'll loosen her teeth.
Her pulse is pushing 140.
If she farts, she'll get
ahead of the pod.
Fielding, listen to me.
It helps to concentrate...
on something relaxing
during a launch.
What do you think about?
Not swallowing my tongue.
- How's Walker?
- You'd have to shake him...
to be sure he's awake.
- He's awake.
- T minus 30 seconds.
29... 28... 27... 26...
25... 24... 23...
22... 21... 20...
- Have they ever lost a pod?
- Ask the Vollmers.
- Where are they?
- See those two red spots?
12... 11... 10...
- Oh, God.
- Nine... eight... seven...
Six... five... four...
Three... two... one...
They're away.
Is this the hottest thing or what?
Goddamn Ricky.
So much for a dry run.
We're alive.
- Are we where we're supposed to be?
- Give me a date.
Sunday, October 9, 1994.
- We're close.
- October 9?
- I'll be 16 tomorrow.
- Where?
I was living in Colorado.
Man, this is weird. Whew.
Yeah? Well, don't get sentimental
and try to visit yourself.
I'd like to call myself, tell me not to
sleep with Bobby Morgan after my party.
It's really disappointing.
A smart woman
would call Bobby...
and give him
some advice.
Aw, yeah, right.
- How long was Atwood your partner?
- Three years.
- Was it difficult to bring him back?
- What do you think?
You got a family?
Mine's still in Colorado.
When my dad started
reading about time travel...
he said it was a bigger threat
to the world than the nuclear bomb.
He's right.
That's why I joined the agency.
The world should be able to party
on Saturday night...
and not worry whether the planet's
going to be here on Monday.
- You sound like a woman I knew.
- Someone remarkable, I hope.
- Yeah.
Someone you knew, huh?
So, where is she?
She was killed.
You must've thought
about going back and changing that.
We're here.
I thought it was
just Parker Datalink.
Take the back
and wait for my call.
Keep your head down.
Tomorrow's your birthday.
- I have a problem.
- You do?
Yes. Let me tell you
what my problem is.
This isn't working.
I can't keep paying for this.
- Hey, it doesn't matter to me.
- Oh, but it should, Jack.
You're taking the goddamn company
into bankruptcy.
We have a difference of opinion.
The chip is the future of this company.
- Since you don't agree, walk away.
- This isn't the first time
we've had this conversation.
Come up with money
and I'm out of here.
You know I can't afford it...
but I've found an enterprising
banker with faith in the future.
Take it.
You're out.
You've got no faith in the company...
and I've got none in politicians.
If I were you,
I wouldn't cash that check.
It's gonna cost you
more than you'll ever know.
Hey, Jack, it's been a while.
- What is this?
- It's me.
Well, it's, it's him.
No, it's us.
W-W-Where did you come from?
- Are you his father?
- Do I look that old?
I'm a United States senator.
Hurting me is a federal offense.
- I don't know about Jack's business.
- Will you stop it?
J-Just stop it.
Get a grip.
I remember having bigger balls.
I'm gonna have to get
this fixed. Right...
Don't touch me.
Same matter can't occupy
the same space.
Same matter?
So, you got
a special N.S.A. Briefing coming up.
Secret session.
That's not for another week.
Time travel, someone says,
gets a big laugh.
Oh, Christ, you're me.
How far back have you come?
Never interrupt me
when I'm talking to myself.
- We're gonna take them.
- What's the signal?
You were a visionary.
The computer market was saturated.
The software stocks
were in the toilet...
and your fuckin' coldware
revolutionizes the industry.
I made a mistake.
- I came to tell you I changed my mind.
- Now.
Do you realize how inappropriate
that word is? Do I look frozen to you?
You look like shit to me.
Get away from him!
Патруль времени Патруль времени

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