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still together
in ten years?
Yes, we're together.
- Do you have a picture?
- No, nothing recent.
- Am l dead?
- No. You're not dead.
What about tomorrow?
Everything is going
to be fine, okay?
Why can't we just get out? Why can't we
just run away from whatever it is?
lt would come back
as many times as it takes.
lt has to end tonight.
Keep him upstairs.
Whatever you do,
keep him upstairs.
Just do what l say.
Please! Go!
Max, l don't want you to go.
l'll be back soon.
l-- l'm pregnant.
- Great.
- l love you.
- Surprise.
- Who the fuck are you?
Friend of the family.
Don't go down!
- How did you miss him?
- He knew it was comin'.
lt was a T.E.C. cop.
Son of a bitch
doesn't know how to die.
He'll learn tonight.
You don't kill him,
you don't go back.
Oh, my god, Max.
Look out!
You have nothing soft
to land on, do you?
Go! Go!
- l'll get help!
- Go!
Say, ''Ah.''
Oh, shit.
Boy, that's gotta hurt.
Lousy night to be out.
Don't hurt her.
You were at a disadvantage
in this from the beginning.
l'm an ambitious
Harvard-educated visionary...
who deserves to be
the most powerful man in the world...
and you, you're a fuckin' idiot
who never figured out...
that the only way to make anything of
all that fancy kicking is on Broadway.
Thanks for clearing that up.
The polls have me winning
by 28 points.
That's the biggest landslide
since Nixon back in '72.
l find it reassuring to know
what the future holds, don't you?
That's C-4.
lt'll turn this house into dust
and also separate every part of you...
- from every other part of you.
- Let her go. You've got me.
l don't want you.
Agent Walker is too visible.
But Officer Walker, dead,
is just another D.C. statistic.
When he's gone,
you're gone.
Get the younger one.
l want him to see this.
- He's dead.
- No, he's not, you moron.
lf he were dead,
he would not be here. Get him.
Let her go!
- What do you want?
- You're a bright boy.
Why don't you sleep on it?
l did that.
lt's different
than before, isn't it?
lt's what happens
when you change time.
Lines of confluence,
probability scales, all that shit.
Put your gun
on the floor.
What were you gonna do? Shoot me?
A bomb is gonna go off any second now.
You know what happens then?
We're all gonna be dead.
l'm gonna win by default.
My young self
is still gonna be president...
and you can't save your wife.
Just like you couldn't
save her once before.
She died because you came back
and made some changes.
Now you're gonna
fuck with time.
- You're as bad as me.
- Wrong. l'm setting it right.
Usually l hate doing things
more than once...
but in this case,
l don't see any other option.
l do.
What the fuck are you doing here?
You called me. You left a message
with the senate operator.
l didn't leave any message,
you fucking idiot!
Don't argue among yourself.
l left it.
Now nobody's got a future.
This is a real mess now.
l hope you're happy.
This is a real mess.
You turned a simple, ordinary murder
into a bloodbath.
You get out of here. Get out of here.
Go! Now! Go!
- You two should be closer.
- Keep him away from me.
The same matter
can't occupy the same space.
l'm still kicking.
l must be on Broadway.
Coordinates downloaded
to G.P.S. sequencer.
Re-entry sequence
is completed.
Launch bay alert
is now terminated.
Hey, where you goin'?
- What happened to you?
- What are you talkin' about?
You're walking around.
l've been doing that since l was
about two. Does that seem abnormal?
- What's going on with Senator McComb?
- Senator McComb?
lf you want time off, ask. Don't act
like you're out of your head.
- l've got a blank spot.
- You've got a hole in your head.
Ten years ago, McComb left his office,
canceled all his appointments...
nobody's ever seen him since.
That's so sad.
l-l-l remember.
What are you hangin' around for?
Database 309, shut


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