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Патруль времени

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You can kill him.
You've got some more inside.
- Everybody freeze!
- l'm a cop! l'm a cop!
Get in there.
You, he's under arrest.
They're all under arrest.
Assault, attempted murder,
makin' a mess.
Sector 17, Sector 19.
Report for duty
in five minutes.
lf you'd like,
l'll have the door removed.
l had company
this morning.
- You look like they stayed awhile.
- McComb sent them.
- Did they say that?
- l said that.
- And what does l.A. want?
- Atwood was your partner.
lnternal Affairs isn't convinced
you can be trusted anymore.
- She's not going to follow me.
- We've got a phase four. You take it.
Send somebody else.
l want to be where McComb is.
A little refresher course in Agency
etiquette: l'm the director, l direct.
l authorize the missions. l make
the assignments. This one's yours.
This agency isn't dead yet, but if l
can't keep you from McComb, it will be!
- Fielding, get in here!
- She'll get in my way.
Ask her to stay behind you.
You've got an hour until launch.
-You're not funny.
- l'm never funny.
Disturbance has jumped
from four to six, sir.
l catch you fuckin' this machine again,
l'll break your neck.
- Sorry, Chief.
- Looks like safe sex to me.
- Show me.
- Okay.
Here we go. The ripple was steady
at four, then spiked past five to six.
On the board, it looks
like it set off Waimea.
Somebody's really doing a number.
We've located the point
of origin and...
- it's right here in Washington.
- Shit.
Come on.
You're out of here.
You should have an exhibit.
Oh, really? All my best stuff's
at home.
l really could care less
whether you like me or not...
but you don't know
a thing about me.
T minus three minutes and counting.
l've been with l.A. for two years.
l'm field-rated in weapons and tactics
and speak three languages. lmpressed?
- l'm blown away.
- l read the Atwood file.
You didn't mention you could read.
He was your friend,
and you still asked to go after him.
- He crossed the line.
- Or he crossed you.
Launch sequence activated.
Authorized personnel only in the area.
She looks just like the Vollmers!
T minus two minutes and counting.
Why is everyone so nervous?
When a launch goes wrong,
they're the guys who scrape the wall.
And you do look like
the Vollmer twins.
Who are the Vollmer twins?
Launch personnel only in the bay.
T minus one minute 30 seconds
and counting.
Magnetic field polarity
initiation in ten seconds.
Telemetry check is initiated.
Are we gonna blast to the past!
Green for launch!
l've run dozens
of simulated launches...
but l-l never noticed
that wall before.
- ''Simulated''?
- This is my first real launch.
Great. Don't stick
your head out of the window.
- She's a little shaky.
- Blood pressure'll loosen her teeth.
Her pulse is pushing 140.
lf she farts, she'll get
ahead of the pod.
Fielding, listen to me.
it helps to concentrate...
on something relaxing
during a launch.
What do you think about?
Not swallowing my tongue.
- How's Walker?
- You'd have to shake him...
to be sure he's awake.
- He's awake.
-T minus 30 seconds.
29... 28... 27... 26...
25... 24... 23...
22... 21... 20...
- Have they ever lost a pod?
- Ask the Vollmers.
- Where are they?
- See those two red spots?
12... 11... 10...
- Oh, God.
- Nine... eight... seven...
Six... five... four...
Three... two... one...
They're away.
ls this the hottest thing or what?
Goddamn Ricky.
So much for a dry run.
We're alive.
- Are we where we're supposed to be?
- Give me a date.
Sunday, October 9, 1994.
- We're close.
- October 9?
- l'll be 16 tomorrow.
- Where?
l was living in Colorado.
Man, this is weird. Whew.
Yeah? Well, don't get sentimental
and try to visit yourself.
l'd like to call myself, tell me not to
sleep with Bobby Morgan after my party.
lt's really disappointing.
A smart woman
would call Bobby...
and give him
some advice.
Патруль времени Патруль времени

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