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Патруль времени

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While the trends
are not what we want...
there are some good things
we can utilize.
The numbers in the suburbs
are encouraging...
but they are killing you
in the urban centers.
But you're gaining with the pro-life,
pro-death-penalty coalition...
and with the close-our-border,
anti-immigration faction.
The bad news is the campaign chairman
put together a projected budget...
from now to Election Day,
and it's a big number.
Even going back again, l don't see how
you could get it all in time.
Lawrence, l love you.
l really do.
But don't tell me
what l can't do.
Elections are won with television.
You don't need the press, endorsements.
You don't even need the truth.
You need money.
So... tell me.
How much is it gonna cost
to buy the network time l need?
- $50 million.
- $50 million.
Agent Walker has already
cost me that much.
We're gonna chat with him, the kind
of chat a man remembers for a lifetime.
Sure is a handsome devil, isn't he?
- He's not my type.
- What did you want to talk about?
What do you know
about him?
Capable of eating
his young.
He sure seemed interested
in you this afternoon.
He interests me.
Atwood named him.
- You're shittin' me.
- He's the one who sent him back.
- Why didn't he testify?
- McComb would go after his family.
He also said McComb
has half of the agency. l believe him.
He doesn't have me.
l said, he doesn't have me.
- Well, fuck you too.
- He's gonna close the agency.
Then no one can stop him
from going back.
- This one is mine.
- Not unless l say it is.
The son of a bitch
is a presidential candidate.
lf you haul him in, you better have
enough evidence to plug up the Potomac.
- You believe me.
- l always believe you...
but you're not always right.
Come over to the house for dinner.
Carol would love to see you.
Thanks. Some other time.
You're allowed to have a life.
l read it in a manual.
l'll tell you this:
lf l cannot go back to save her...
this scumbag is not
going back to steal money.
Go home, Max.
lf you won't come to mine,
go to yours.
By the way, when l said
McComb hasn't bought me...
you were supposed to say,
''l know that.''
l know that.
System initialized.
Destination, please.
There are no new messages.
Play tape.
lt's going to look like
this when l'm finished.
See? Very nice.
''Victorian Villa Deluxe Birdhouse.''
This thing is gonna be bigger
than our house by the time l'm done.
Okay. Uh-huh.
- Want some help?
-Want some help?
Yeah. You can buy the birdseed.
Okay. Divide all these parts...
into groups to determine
their structural function.
- l should buy more videotapes.
- l should buy more videotapes.
Gotta be in the mood to do this.
- You were a second ago.
- You were a second ago.
l think that l should...
start with something
easier to put together.
Huh? Honey?
Maybe you should lay out
all the parts first, then...
- You know--
- l think l wanna try from memory.
Just find part ''A''
and work from there.
The controversy...
over government-provided campaign funds
is in the news again.
The White Supremacist Party has
qualified for matching funds...
sparking many groups to petition
for the abolition of the practice.
Meanwhile, Senator McComb's
fading presidential bid...
received another blow...
when today it was denied
federal campaign matching funds.
Sources indicate
the senator is out of money...
and may be forced
to withdraw from the race.
Though no official
statement has been made...
independent party leaders claim that
the denial will bolster their play...
for the upcoming
presidential election.
With the polls showing
independent candidate Elgin Michaels...
trailing the incumbent
by only six points--
There are no new messages.
Who are you?
Who sent you?
Who sent you?
Fifty thousand volts, motherfucker.
Have a nice day.
My name's Fielding.
l'm with lnternal Affairs.
He messed up my
Патруль времени Патруль времени

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