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Патруль времени

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our charter.
Say something.
Come on. Say something!
The defendant has been
found guilty...
Take care of yourself, Max.
and is sentenced to death,
Poor bastard.
Tomorrow might've been
a brighter day.
We're pickin' up
some noise outside Camp David, '79.
lntelligence thinks
it's a kill team out of lran.
lt's their third
try this year.
C.l.A.'s trying to locate
their launch facility.
l want two teams on this date.
Let's smoke these guys.
- Right.
- Number two: Los Angeles, 1902.
Somebody's trying to get a jump on
real-estate, buying up Beverly Hills.
- Burr and Swain got the deal.
- Yes, sir.
You look like shit.
- We have to talk.
- ln a minute.
- Now.
- l said in a minute.
Temporary wave guide
shutdown in three minutes.
Shit. Go over your dispatch notes
and check with me before you launch.
- Good afternoon, gentlemen.
- George. Welcome.
Gene. Senator Nelson, this is
T.E.C. Director Matuzak.
Senator Nelson is the newest member
of the oversight committee.
Since he's gonna be voting
on your budget...
he'd like to see how it's spent.
Senator McComb,
our long-standing committee chairman...
agreed to take time out from his
presidential campaign to accompany us.
Well. Be a pleasure
to show you around.
Are these all of your agents?
Most of 'em. Agent Monroe.
Agent Anderson.
Agents Burr, Bartolo and Shepherd.
- Agent Walker.
- Agent Walker.
l've heard a great deal about you.
- And l've heard a lot about you.
- Not all of it bad, l hope.
Agent Walker just returned
from a successful mission.
Well, congratulations,
Agent Walker.
Senator, now Director Matuzak
will show you the launch room.
Follow me.
l'll show you where we kick off.
You wouldn't mind
if Agent Walker accompanied us?
l'd love to hear about
his most recent mission.
- l have a report to file.
- Agent Walker would be delighted.
All units switch to TEC channel three.
All units switch
to TEC channel three.
As you can see,
we've spared every expense.
No comfort, no convenience,
no necessities. Watch your head.
So, Agent Walker,
who were you after?
A man named Atwood.
Ring a bell?
Atwood. No.
Should that name be familiar to me?
-Unfortunately, Atwood was a TEC agent.
See, George, l don't
want to sound like a broken record...
but that's one of the dangers
of having an agency like this.
- lmagine the dangers of not having it.
- Did you know this Atwood?
He was my partner.
Oh, l'm sorry.
Nothing worse than a rogue cop.
- Except the guy who paid him.
- lf there is such a guy.
- There always is.
- Do you know who the man is?
- Oh, yeah.
- Why don't you arrest him?
- l lost my witness.
- Oh.
Well, l trust you'll
keep working on it.
You can bet on it.
Hydrogen specialists,
prepare for inspection.
We've updated our entire operation
to Parker Datalink Systems...
utilizing their
superconducting chip.
Senator McComb
was Jack Parker's partner...
and sold out before the company
got the patent on that chip.
- Bet that cost you a few billion.
- Whoa, bad luck.
My deal with Jack Parker
is not important, Mr. Spota.
What is important is talking about
the dangers of this program.
- You got my vote.
- Excuse me. What dangers?
Well, dishonest agents
like this, uh, Atwood.
Every time an agent goes back,
he risks making contact with
the past version of himself.
- That could be a disaster.
- And why is that?
The same matter can't occupy
the same space at the same time.
lt's never happened.
Not yet, but what l propose...
is far less costly
yet accomplishes the same thing.
Why don't we just
prevent time travel...
rather than spend money
trying to police it?
l have to get back
to the Hill.
Malcolm, this is a project
that we could do without.
l hope you vote against
continued appropriations.
l admire your dedication,
Agent Walker.
l hope you keep trying
to get your man.
l never quit.
We've done a breakdown
of the latest poll
Патруль времени Патруль времени

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