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Патруль времени

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words you seem to like so much?
Hmm? What?
l have something l want to tell you.
Shit. l'm sorry.
Don't answer it.
Just this once, don't answer it.
l have to.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Can you find somebody else?
Look, uh, somebody
called in sick and--
And there's nobody
but Max Walker...
- to keep the streets safe.
- l said l was sorry.
- lt's not like l have a choice.
- Of course you have a choice.
- This is what l do.
- l know that's what you do.
lt's just that things
are different now.
What are you
talking about?
This isn't the way
l wanted to do this.
l have to go.
There's something
you need to tell me?
Can you wait
until l get back?
- Finish him.
- Who are you?
You're a smart boy.
Why don't you sleep on it a while?
Nothing to see over there.
lt's just another jumper.
Hang on, there, buddy!
All right, close enough! That's it!
Thank you!
Stand back, folks!
Come on! Break it up!
There's nothin' to see!
Go back to work. Come on!
Come on, now! Come on, now.
Break it up.
Go back to work.
Come on. Come on,
get out of here.
- Good morning, Mr. Atwood.
- Good morning, Charlie.
- lt's a terrible day, sir.
- Beat it.
- What's goin' on?
- Mr. Floatbauer.
He went off the roof.
Ah, yeah.
Well, shit happens.
Excuse me.
Oh, that poor man!
Good morning, Pete.
Good morning, Mr. Atwood.
Third jumper this week. They keep
this up, you're gonna be out of a job.
Only going down, sir.
There he is!
- Mr. Atwood, isn't it terrible?
- Tragic.
...little lovebirds
We're not above birds
Let's misbehave
Slip and slide
Slip inside
Slip and slide
l learn to love
l learn to live
Get me Ross.
Ross! Hi!
Yeah, listen.
l want another 100,000 shares
of Middle States Oil.
No, no. Just buy it.
lt's an act of faith.
l really think things
are gonna turn around.
l got a feeling
about the future.
Look, l gotta go.
l'm-- l'm very busy.
- Walker.
- How've you been, Lyle?
How ya doin', partner?
- Ex-partner.
- Max.
l'm not gonna change a thing. The only
ripples'll be in my swimming pool.
lt's a nice place.
You couldn't do this by yourself.
- Who are you working for?
- l'm not hurtin' anybody.
lt's America, man! l'm just
takin' an opportunity, that's all.
l've got to take you back.
l went ten rounds with
John L. Sullivan himself.
l saw Tyson beat Spinks on TV.
- Mr. Atwood-- Oh, my god!
- Get down.
Doesn't look too good, Lyle.
Let me go, Max.
l'll stay here.
l won't go back.
Who sent you?
l want the name.
Like it'll make any difference.
ln a few weeks,
this guy's gonna run the whole country.
lf he doesn't get the money here,
he's gonna get it somewhere else.
l can't tell you. He'll send somebody
back to wipe out my grandparents.
lt'll be like l never existed:
my mother, my father, my wife,
my kids, my fuckin' cat!
You ever hear of the name Aaron McComb?
Senator McComb?
You don't understand.
He's gonna be president.
He's doin' this to get
money for his campaign.
Shit, Max, he already
owns most of the guys we work with!
When we get back,
you'll point them out.
You're out of your mind.
This guy's gonna roll right over you.
- We'll see. Let's go.
- Listen to me!
lf l go back and talk,
my family is dead.
l'm talkin' about my f--
my family!
lf l die here, it's only me.
l can't go back!
l have to bring you back.
l have no choice.
Neither do l.
Holy Mother of Mary!
Lieutenant Clapton, 0316.
Lieutenant Clapton.
Testify and l'll do what l can.
Communication relays
rerouted to Alpha 02.
Captain Lyle Atwood,
you are charged with violations...
of T.E.C. code 40.8,
subsection nine...
time travel with intent
to alter the future.
Charges are compounded by your current
status as a time enforcement officer.
Does the defendant
have any statement?
- Tell her.
- Something to say on your own behalf?
- Yes.
- No.
Then l will pass sentence
as mandated by
Патруль времени Патруль времени

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