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fix it?
You brought up your son well!
Now, it's our son
you don't like?
We know you use
the kolkhoze's truck!
To steal bricks!
You and all your family
are all lazybones!
He's in a bad mood?
Go ahead, you'll see!
It's good?
Looks like me.
It starts again.
When it rains here,
it's for a long time.
Coming to bed?
Straighten up.
Play louder, don't be afraid.
On the table.
Both. Niko, you too.
- You'll regret it.
- Not at all.
Give it.
Seven to one.
Don't look.
Who starts?
You. Me.
Second word.
A chick?
A little box?
An egg?
A mushroom?
A parachute.
A girl.
A little girl.
A proverb.
A donkey.
Sometimes a worker
has to have a drink.
When it rains, it's allowed.
I don't want to go home.
There's no label.
I know. Not worth it.
You do it on purpose?
Listen, it's pretty.
You don't let me work.
- It's better like this?
- No.
Cut smaller pieces.
I don't need you!
He's letting the herd out!
No pity for himself,
nor the cows.
They have to eat.
Look. Poor animals.
He knows his job.
They're willing to sing.
But they're hoarse.
They want us to beg.
Are they really coming?
We'll put them there.
Here's your new spade.
They're leaving! Hurry up!
Everyone is waiting for you.
Well. Where were you?
I picked fruit for you.
My favorite apples.
Here, as a souvenir.
Here are our addresses.
We're off. Thanks for everything.
Fifty eggs, is that it?
A kilo 1/2 of soft white cheese.
And 19 for the milk.
There was also some cheese.
You're right, I forgot.
Thanks for everything.
Good luck.
You forgot this.
You'll come and see us?
For you. Don't forget us.
She's arrived?
Your father is here. You'll see him?
Right away.

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