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you going?
Mama let me.
Granny doesn't agree?
She didn't finish her homework.
Pardon me, I'm curious.
You play your music
every day?
Every day, to learn.
You're still learning?
Shall we go? It's dark.
It's cold.
They let me pick up everything.
What is it?
It's poison.
These are blackberries?
Take some.
It's bitter.
And this?
It's bad, don't eat any.
Marina, more blackberries?
There are so many!
It's for you.
Why don't you take any?
I don't like it.
What is it?
Who allowed you?
You're going to sit by the window
and watch us?
Look what they did!
It's my business,
where I place the window.
We're not asking for your advice.
They've started?
"The discovery of a body
in the prosecutor's cellar
"puts the judge
in an embarrassing situation."
All this walk for this?
The mill is 100 years old.
Imagine we're in a forest.
There's a goat and a wolf.
The wolf looks at the goat
and wants to eat it.
You know what is a wolf?
He wants to eat the goat.
I take my gun,
aim at the wolf, kill him
and save the goat.
What are you saying?
It's immoral
for the wolf to eat the goat.
It's man who eats the goat.
I killed the wolf
and saved the goat.
Then we caught the goat,
killed and roasted it,
we had a feast.
What do you think?
We did well to eat it?
It's a bad deed, in my opinion.
What should we have done?
Leave the goat alone
for another wolf to eat it?
I don't know.
One had to kill the wolf.
And the goat, it would be lost?
Her master would've found her.
It's his goat, he can eat it.
May I sit with you?
Look, he doesn't even ask me.
He's making a window
facing my courtyard.
No one wants your opinion!
What are you saying?
Go complain elsewhere.
Look what they're doing.
Let me see.
Hello, darling.
Get in, I'll take you.
They might kill each other.
He wants a window facing the sun.
Then have it face west.
Hi, bosses!
What is going on?
All is well.
Tonight, you all come to drink.
I'm expecting you.
Here are four bags,
it's enough for a while.
Next time, I'll bring
enough for all winter.
- How are your guests?
- Very good.
So, you're angry
with the neighbors?
Choura, hello!
How are you?
What's wrong with her,
you got in a fight?
Nothing serious.
Why didn't you ask them?
You knew they would get angry.
I'll fix it.
- Your husband is home?
- No.
Go around.
They killed the fat ones,
the bastards.
Look, there are plenty left!
Bring the net!
We continue.
What a surprise!
How are you?
All is well?
Higher up, there are big trout.
Up there, there are bigger ones.
I didn't see you.
He didn't recognize me right away.
Get up.
Uncle Vetche!
What is it?
Grandfather invites you.
You killed a piglet?
Tell him I'm coming.
It's for Vetche.
Follow the rules.
Careful, don't embarrass us!
With these two glasses,
dear Vetche...
Where did they go?
They left.
You know it by heart?
So, don't worry.
Why did you leave?
Couldn't take it anymore.
And you, what's wrong?
Nothing, I'm fine.
Why did you leave me alone?
I can't stand their cheap wine.
Want me to be unpleasant?
It's impolite.
Cheers, Anton.
You know how I love you.
You're a real man.
Cheers my friends!
Everyone rise!
I can't drink anymore.
Drink or I'll pour it
down your collar.
If you can't drink, I get up.
You're leaving?
Thank you very much. Goodbye.
Forgive me
if everything wasn't perfect.
Be careful, my friend.
It's late.
Why leave us
in the middle of the night?
You didn't drink?
Not a drop.
I'm responsible, granny.
Why did you leave me alone?
It was too much to ask?
There's no offense.
That's how it is when he drinks.
You aren't hurt?
Edouki, open the gate.
Thanks for everything.
What did you give him?
Wine, turkeys, brandy.
All he needs.
Why did you give him
my favorite wine!
Why are you waiting? Open up!
My God, they really drank!
It's all your fault!
And the gate, who will


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