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You terrorize my friends
And you're eating cake!
Where are they?
You came quickly
Such a good friend!
You're at knife point?
Why are you eating chicken?
My baby cancels her wedding for you?
I thought you'd be handsome
So plain
You're... Auntie?
I don't know you
Call me Madame Sakurada
This is my son-in-law
I'm Shunichi Kikukawa, nice to meet you
You're Shunichi Kikukawa?
I'm just the translator
Ask before you grab next time
Mom, let me talk to him
Sorry my Yuri caused you so much trouble
She's a playful girl
Loves practical jokes
She wants to cancel the wedding!
No one is clearer than I
That it was a moment of passion
It hurts!
So, sir, I hope...
You'll forgive Yuri
We have
the same necklace
Presents from Yuri
Now you see?
Bring her back
We'll take together, you'll know
If Yuri really loves you
You're untouchable
- Philip! - Don't talk to me!
You cried for help to get me back
And you're eating chicken!
Why did you lie to me?
Her mom and fianc are understanding
So we called you back to help
Wake up
We're doing it for you
She's a powerful princess
He's a powerful man
They're made for each other!
A perfect match!
- A great pair! - Match made in Heaven!
Your backgrounds are different
They're made for each other!
As are you and Coco!
Don't break them up
Don't block their way
Don't block my way!
Are you all right?
You've thought about this?
It isn't a moment of passion?
Of course it is, that's love
No one knows what's next
But I know...
...I won't regret this
We'll be in Africa
We may have problems
You're not just playing?
Do you think I am?
Why did you lie to me?
Shunichi Kikukawa is not bad
Why did you say he's old and ugly?
You checked up on me?
When did you see him?
What else are you hiding from me?
You don't trust me?
You have no faith in me?
I have no faith in myself
I afraid I won't be good enough
Afraid I cannot give you happiness
Afraid of many other things
Like what?
I'm not afraid of you, but you are of me?
I asked you to say I like you
You said I shouldn't
Do you know
How a woman feels
hearing that?
Sounds like I have a crush on you
I know
You don't want the responsibility
You're selfish
Otherwise, say it
I what?
You can't say it
Because you're the one just playing
And you betrayed me
Thank you
Split the $3 million among yourselves
No need, it's so much money
No need...
Henry, give it back!
Thank you...
Yuri, I didn't!
No, you didn't like me
I was wrong about you
It's okay
He bullied me
Silly girl, no one does that when I'm around
No one can harm you
Too soft, I can't hear him
I can't translate
Mom, I'll return to Japan,
Marry Kikukawa
You scared me to death
Let's go This way
She said Let's go
End of translation
Great dancing!
Everything's back to normal
You worked hard, dry off
I didn't betray you
They followed me.
Could I stop them?
They gave me money
Could I refuse?
Must we do that, too?
Are you all right?
Still angry?
Will you feel better if you hit me?
I'll let you!
Hit me!
I'll have 3 years bad luck
Just once
We've been friends...
...since I left Malaysia
Twenty years
It's for your own good
Your relationship had to be tested
It's better to test it sooner
So you can find out
Are you still angry at me?
Are you?
Can't you see I've changed?
Let's have fun!
That's right
Leave some for me
- Cheers! - Cheers!
You're here
We came to see you
You're not so cool today
He's hot now
When can we go out?
You won't turn off your phone?
Call me, I'll keep it on...
...for you
You turned it off for me
You're different
Can you handle both?
Let me have one
Selfishness brings bad luck
- Stop it! - Where to?
Your home
What for?
Let's go, don't want to see
Am I famous?
For my coffee?
Got it!
Coffee time
Where's the coffee?
Where are you?
What are you looking at?
Aren't you

- / Dauria

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