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Even now
My romances end badly
Isn't that a horrible curse?
It's not the curse
They dumped you because...
you're boring
And if those nonsense could kill
You deserve to die
And right
Left, once more
How's your head?
You left that day
I was worried
I forgot to thank you
I'm Yuri
I'm Philip Wong
Dreamy Wong, right?
Your students told me
Funny you came to my school
After 2 chance encounters
I came to see you this time
To see me?
I need a bodyguard
I've been followed since I arrived
They want to kidnap me
Those Japanese?
Why you?
Why Japanese?
You're Japanese? Rich family?
You called the cops?
You have many enemies?
Why so many questions?
All right, I'll answer
My family has some money
And some enemies
I'm the chairman's daughter of Japan's...
Sakura Department Store
So no cops, no publicity
You answered more than I asked
We'll get along
I thought I'd bore you
No, this is fun
I do that, too
You appreciate me
No need to be that grateful
It's no big deal
Why me, as a bodyguard?
I'm new in town; I know nobody
You seem silly and nice
You fight well
And look nice
I have questions
Are you Japanese?
You speak Cantonese
Japanese dad? Or mom?
And, Yuri is not Japanese
Tell me
I went to school
in Hong Kong
My full name is Yuriko Sakurada
Dad's dad is from Honshu.
Dad's mom, Kyushu
Mom's mom, Suzhou.
Mom's dad, Guangzhou
I'm going to Suzhou; come
Of course!
Anywhere you go!
No need to pay me
Why not?
You appreciate me
I'll show you around
We'll meet here, 9 a.m.
You okay? Come out
You're cute
If my husband hears about this
I'm going to Suzhou with you
He'll die!
Not yet
End of March
Isn't this a huge,
sparkly diamond?
Very sparkly
From my fianc
After this Shanghai trip
I'll return to Japan
And plan the wedding
You really okay? Come
You're hoarse
You wanted to flirt?
You're disappointed?
Will you still be...
...my bodyguard?
Should I go tomorrow?
Should I?
Such a decision...
Needs some serious making
1, I go. 2, I stay
Channel 3?
Please go
I can't
I can't
Go to hell!
Bad omen
Heads, I go
Tails, I stay
A coin from heaven!
What was that?
...means I go
I cannot escape my fate
No! Try again
It's the sixth time
I counted wrong
Use these
I'm not superstitious
You're not?
Be her bodyguard; it's just a trip
Why the fuss?
Just go
You know I like her
What if...
I like her more?
She's getting married
Then, don't go
If anything happens to her
I'll never forgive myself
So, go!
Didn't you hear me?
She's engaged
I can't have feelings for her
Keep your thoughts pure
If I can't control myself?
Then go...
...to hell!
Then I'll miss my date
I must at least tell her
I can't go
All right?
He hasn't much hair
Even, I go. Odd, I stay
Stay still!
Go to hell!
Wake up
Today is very important
Seriously, which shirt?
Which bag?
This bag... with this shirt
Any bag will do
You were right, simple friends
On a simple trip
Keep it simple
I never said that
It's in your mind
I can tell
Can you?
I'm with you
Yes, you are
Hurry, go
- It's late -It's not
It is
It's only 7!
I'm early
because she may be too
A cup of coffee
Freshens me up
Two and I'll be fresher
It's still early
Make it three
Four, I'm super fresh
It's nine
She'll come soon
Not now
Oh, please
Don't go
Stay here
She'll be here any second
It hurts!
She can't see me like this
It hurts!
Did she come?
Did she leave?
Two whole minutes
She's gone
I stood her up
Stupid coffee
Stupid restroom
I should have stayed
- Been here long? - No
Afraid I'd stand you up?
Come here
Morning, Dreamy!
King? Why are you here?
We met last night at a disco
You know him?
You fight well, he knows the way


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