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Are you lonely?
Want to know him? Yes!
Any age or gender
He'll be your teacher
He's Dance Fit Studio's...
Philip Wong!
We've combined keeping fit
With self-defence
A new idea!
Join our Studio today!
Join our Dance Fit Studio!
You're watching 100 women
performing this kung-fu dance
Kung-fu and dance
It will be so hot
- Don't block my shot! - Stop!
Sit down
I'm crashing, with your girl
That's double trouble
Give up and shut down
Your students can come to me
At King King Dance
Like she did
King, spare us
Don't ruin our show
Get out! Shorty Henry!
I don't know what you are talking about,
Anyway, no fighting here!
This is a dance contest
That's fine
Clear the stage
- Come back! - I'm a friend
Bye-bye! Bye-bye!
No entry!
Sorry. You okay?
Are you okay? Sorry
Who are you?
Your surprise guest
A drink, Handsome?
I don't drink
I hate smokers!
You're so tall
I can't buy you drinks
You're so tall! Ass!
- Soda -Two, please
Hi, Philip!
We came to see you
You're too cool
And you're hot
When can we go out?
Call me,
I'll turn off my phone
You're too cool
And you're hot
Help me out
When people talk
Entertain them, okay?
My name is Juliana Francoise Roberts
What's your name?
Long name. Is it foreign?
Your dad is foreign? Your mom?
Which country?
You're mixed? Impossible
You don't look it
You're faking
What are you?
How rude
I was still talking
You're so wasteful
Of Earth's resources
Fulfil a man's role
Comfort a woman's lonely heart
Not picking on them
I'm like that
He is like that
What's wrong? He's frank
I pity you, Henry
No woman likes you
You, go away!
- Thanks -Thanks
The surprise guest
You don't know her?
You've asked 20 times
I don't
She's pink
Are you kidding?
True pink
Felt like it
Your dad named you well
Shut up
Dreamy Wong!
Yes, Dreamy Wong!
Here's to our
I wish
By all standards,
I should be happy
I look okay
Business going well
I'm big
Not there
Well, I shouldn't be unhappy
One thing makes me very sad
I'm colour-blind
I don't see colours
Only black and white
My thoughts are all grey
Dazzling... cool... proper
I feel I'm dull
But there's dancing
When I dance
I'm in control
Just a little
Look at that
I'm horny
How strange
He's crazy
- Henry! - Philip!
You know I can't see
What's on my jacket?
You hate rejection by woman
To avoid them
I prepared a jacket for you
Your jacket says...
I'm horny
I'm horny?
Help me
Surprise guest?
What is it?
They are after me
- Japanese? - He says, beat it
What's going on?
Let go
No fighting!
He hit me!
These Japanese...
Stop! You first
They are after that girl
What girl?
Where is she?
- Gone -Gone?
You're lucky this time
They didn't arrest you
So strange
Seeing her
I felt...
A fireball
A pink fireball coming at me
Fire is red!
It felt like fire
I've never felt that way
It's as if...
There are colours
Your eyes have recovered?
You're doomed!
Pink means women trouble
Stay away from her
- You're worse! - You're worse!
- You are! - You!
You're worse!
We've been here 2 hours
Where's she?
Millions of people in Shanghai
It's hard to run into her again
But I did, twice
Surprise guest!
So plump?
Sorry, Miss P
You know her?
Her name is P?
For Pig
Women like your look
But they find you boring
To fulfil you
Play quick
A one-night stand
Sorry, not without love
I'm different from you
Not again
I was cursed
For saying the wrong thing
Don't be my stepmother
Daddy says stepmothers eat boys
I'll curse you all
You'll never know women's love
Once they know you love them
They'll leave you
You won't find true love!
That's a mighty curse
Since then
All Dad's women left
My words I love you
Scared women away

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