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Coffee time
Where's the coffee?
Where are you?
What are you looking at?
Aren't you getting coffee for us?
Who are they?
-Where are you? -Wait!
March 31
Marriage? Whose?
Dreamy Wong!
Why are you here?
You want fulfillment?
Might as well be me
I'm not so bad
Don't do that
You want a twosome?
Okay, you're a bore
But for a friend
What are you doing? Get up!
Here's one more!
Although I'm not gay
You wouldn't share with me just now
I'll let you do it!
For my good friend ...
... who was hurt by love
I sacrifice myself
To rescue you from the abyss
Although I'm too plump
Hope you don't mind
You got it wrong
Am I like that?
It's only a coffee date
I know you're not like that
You miss Yuri
I'm not through yet
Don't try to stop me
I've decided
I'm going to Japan tomorrow for her
I don't care
As a traitor ...
I should repay you by going with you
We'll go, too
Are you traitors?
With passports?
You know the way, Traitor?
It's easy
Fly to Narita Airport, Tokyo
I know that
Take the JR Express ...
... to Shinjuku Exit
When you get out of the station,
There's a Sakura Department Store there
Here's one
How can we find her?
Start with this branch
That's crazy
Sakura Enterprises
Wedding-tomorrow-1 1 :00am
-Summer Shrine
Let's crash the party!
The wedding has just started
After she drinks
They'll be legally married!
Say it now
I object!
I object!
I object!
I object!
-Get them out! -Yuri!
I must speak to you!
-Say it! -Yuri!
Mom, the press is here
Don't use violence
Let him speak
Let go of him
Many told me to come
But most of all
I wanted to
Because most of all, I feared ...
... losing you
If I didn't come
I'd regret it ...
... all my life
I was always ...
... insecure
and lack of self confidence
Saw only black and white
Then I met you
I felt colours
You ...
... filled my life with colour
You appreciate me the most
You said ...
... you chose cherry blossoms
For their ...
... short-lived glory
I tell you
I choose that, too
So I had to take this chance
I may not be able ...
... to change your mind
But I must say it
I dared not say these words
I feared losing you
But ...
... if I dare not say them
I cannot tell you
I'll take care of you all your life
Yuri ...
I love you!
I love you?
I'm touched
Thank you
This is the best wedding gift
But sorry
You're too late
I wish to complete the ceremony
Go now
Give him this, a present
To thank him for coming
Yes, sir
Take this, from them
Thanks for coming
You may go
Pardon us
What a waste
You didn't open the fan?
Don't want to
Don't take my fan!
No, look
April 1 st, that's today
I'll wait for you ...
... at 11 a.m.
Ueno Park
One hour ago, not too bad
She's already married
And it's April Fool's Day
Up to you
It's okay to be late
We're leaving
Please, stop!
Great! Hurry!
Are you looking for someone?
You are ...
You don't know me
But you should know my lover
His name is Shunichi Kikukawa
Shinjuku ... Colour?
I don't understand
Or Kikukawa Shunichi
Kikukawa Shun ...
... ichi?
My girlfriend
Excuse me?
Yuri's and my late fathers were friends
They planned our wedding
In conjunction ...
... with our companies merging
When the news spread
Our share prices kept going up
To maintain this trend
Even though Yuri and I ...
... are like siblings
We had to get married
Which I needed,
to get my inheritance
But she nearly canceled for you
Fortunately at the airport
I was able to explain it to her
And she was willing
To be my wife in name
She also wanted to test you
We were worried
But you came
The fan was not made in vain
We'll secretly ...
... divorce soon
Where is she?
Dreamy Wong!
You're late!
Come, see the cherry blossoms
-Goodbye! -Goodbye!
Goodbye ...
I've been practicing
ComeHey look,
Look at that hunk on stage!
26 years, 38 months
A body of


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