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know him?
You fight well, he knows the way
I'm safer with you both
And it won't look like a date
Yuri, he shouldn't go
Three's a crowd
I have relatives in Suzhou
I paid you to rent this?
My cousin got married yesterday
I borrowed it for luck
Fine. Who's driving?
Good move! You drive
Get in, King
What's wrong?
I don't have a license
I know why
You're cute
I try to be
Let's go!
Didn't we buy candy?
-Yes -Get them out
Tell Philip to get a green one
We like the green ones
Pick a green one. They're good
I ... like them all
Come, pick one
That one?
Isn't it good?
I said the green ones are best
We like it.
Yes, it's good
You said he can't
He was lucky
Are you hot?
Yes, very
Turn on the air conditioner
Yes, he's sweating
I'll turn it on
Sweaty after one candy?
I don't have an address
It's hard to find
I want that well
I exist because of it
No well, no me
Years ago, grandma's mom
Refused to let her wed Grandpa
One night
They attempted suicide by ...
... jumping into a well
You'll do anything for me?
I ...
What? Tell me
One second
I'm hurrying
Then say it
We are in love
I'll do anything!
You jump, I jump
Let's jump together
-You are ... -Jump!
Someone jumped into the well!
A woman came by
and rescued them
Their parents ...
... were moved
And let them wed
lf I find a man ...
... like Grandpa
I'll marry him
You jump ...
I jump
I mean ...
Your fiance'
He'll do anything for you
Of course!
Or I'll strangle him
-So noisy -Where ...
Where are we?
Your uncle's diner
And we have no food!
Let's go
To the kitchen
It's hot ...
Smells so good!
You've never had this?
It's soy sauce chicken
My favorite
Have some soup
Taste it
Smells good
Try the chicken
You eat green chicken?
It's green, Colourblind
Food colouring is edible
And the tea
I was joking
You're really colourblind?
You were so lucky
You picked the green candy
By luck
No wonder ...
... you can't drive
How do you cross the street?
Can't see the traffic light
Oh, I'll bet you
Look at the symbols
Great idea
He has ...
... no other choice
Are you angry?
He's upset
Sorry, I didn't mean it
Don't be angry
I was joking
You shouldn't be insecure
Onion is blind and deaf,
but brave
Who? You know him well?
I saw it in a movie
Happiness is most important
Self-confidence will follow
Don't be angry
lt's just colours; sorry
There she is
They're after me
Good moves!
Come help us!
No, thanks
He left us!
Let's go
This is fun
This way
-Hurry -Here
Go, hurry!
Go to hell ...
You bully ...
Go to hell!
-Let's go! -Are you okay?
It's fun
Excuse me ...
Excuse me
Where are they?
Where are they?
Over that way
Over that way
Isn't this exciting?
Hold on to me
-I can't -No!
Are you okay?
You're sure?
I fell, you fell
You're right
You're all dirty
The moon! Trees!
This must be my grandparents' well!
Most wells can see ...
... the moon and trees
I say it is!
I'm so heappy l found it!
Not angry any more?
A little
That's just to thank you
I know
Your phone
I know how to get out
Coward! I despise you!
I don't want to see you again!
That's all?
I risked my life returning
Give me more severance
That's not ... enough?
You deserve each other
Rot together then
Sit over here
There goes our ride back
Great, we'll stay another day
Of course
I'll buy some food
lsn't this romantic?
I thought you like to talk
You were quiet
after we made fun of you
Actually ...
I'm a bad talker
I always make mistakes
So I'd rather talk less
I'm also that way
Follow your heart
Speak your mind
You're insecure with everything?
When I dance, I'm in control
That's easy
Dance your words
You'll be confident
Like, I

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