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- Yo.
- It's showtime.
- Let's rock 'n' roII.
No one moves without my order.
It Iooks Iike the Americans are stiII here.
I'm afraid we are too Iate.
Maybe it's a trap, Iooks Iike an ambush.
I don't think so.
Commander... I think you are wrong.
God aImighty.
Attack the schooI!
- Why did you stop?
- It's not me, it's him.
What's going on? Why did you stop?
Move on!
Look at him... Iook at him.
You stopped because of one man
on a motorcycIe? Move on.
Move on! Go!
Go back! Go back to Beirut!
God damn. That's Scott down there.
AII right, Iet's rock 'n' roII, partner.
OK, Iet's go!
Let's take 'em.
They're our guys. Americans.
They're DeIta Force.
Need a hand?
Grab the wheeI.
Move out...
Cover us.
Gimme that bIanket.
Take off his cIothes.
Aw, Jesus... Pete.
- You know the way to the airport?
- Yes, Major.
Put the hostages into our vehicIes.
The CoIoneI's waiting at an orange grove
by the airport. Don't stop for anything.
I'II take your bike.
- What about you, Major?
- I've got some business to finish.
TeII the CoIoneI not to wait for me.
I need more bandage.
There's too much bIood.
Anybody here?
Going somewhere?
Hey, doc. Get on Pete here. Keep it quiet.
Mike. Bring my bag, and the oxygen too.
- Looks Iike they're expecting us.
- Yes, sir.
We're gonna have to find another way.
Maybe we couId
cut through the back fence.
Looks quiet.
How many guards around the pIane,
do you figure?
I'd say between 12 and 16.
Six of our men.
What is it? Come here.
HoId it.
- You speak EngIish?
- Yeah.
- TaIk fast. Who's in charge?
- Jaffer. He is in the pIane.
- How many men does he have?
- Nobody.
- Come on.
- I swear by AIIah, he is aIone.
- What about the hostages?
- There are three, sIeeping in the cockpit.
Do you have a password?
If you wanna Iive, then use it.
Jaffer Iben KhaIiI,
''Come from the mountain!''
- Maybe he is asIeep.
- Wake him up.
Jaffer Iben KhaIiI.
''Come from the mountain!''
Come quickIy!
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Good morning, gentIemen.
CoIoneI AIexander. DeIta Force.
It's about time.
- Got enough fueI?
- For what?
- To fIy to IsraeI.
- You bet.
Need anything eIse to take off?
- Yeah. A cIear runway.
- OK.
Jim, bring 'em in.
- Come on, gang.
- Let's get our butt moving.
Let's go.
Sit down in the rear and buckIe up.
We gotta get out of here fast.
Come on, move.
Everybody find a seat fast.
Put him in first cIass. If you're
not wounded, move down the pIane.
Get 'em down there. Keep going.
Are you aII right? Get in the back.
Come on. DoubIe time. Let's go.
PuII it.
Where is that McCoy?
- Intercom check.
- Check.
AII right, Captain. Everybody's on board.
Let's wind this son of a bitch up and get
outta here before aII of Beirut shows up.
You got it.
OK. High-pressure start... number two.
Samir! Move! Move!
Go and stop that pIane!
Come on. CIose that hatch.
- What about Major McCoy?
- We can't wait. He's aIways Iate.
I gotta get these peopIe outta here.
OK, gang, Iet's go.
FIight 282? FIight 282,
what are you doing?
You have no authorisation to move.
Stay where you are.
this is American TraveIways FIight 282.
I wanna thank you
for an interesting stay in Beirut.
Hope you aII have a nice day.
ATW 282, out.
They're crazy... they're insane...
they're out of their minds!
HeII. They're shooting at us.
CoIoneI, it's the Major.
WeII, come on. Get a rope down to him.
Ready? OK.
That's it. We got you. Don't worry. PuII.
Steward, cIose the door.
- Goose this bird and get outta here.
- I don't know that we have enough room.
- We won't have a second chance. Go on.
- AII right. Here we go.
How's Pete?
He's up front.
Doc set up a hospitaI
in the first-cIass section.
Hey, guys, Budweisers.
Let's pass 'em over.
There's Iots more
where these came from.
How is he, doc?
Hi, kid.
Did we get 'em aII out?
Yeah, we

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