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They kiIIed Tom.
How have they been treating you,
Quite weII. They're feeding us.
They're Ietting us use the rest rooms.
I suppose they're treating us quite weII.
Where are the others?
The Jews? It's true about the seIection?
Go back.
One more question.
If you try to be cIever with me, Captain,
I wiII kiII you.
- That'd make you a reaI hero, wouIdn't it?
- Yes.
Now you go back to the press,
but you watch what you say, huh?
Now, ask your questions, pIease.
One at a time.
Mister, your Iuggage, pIease...
and the cameras too.
Passport, pIease.
- Canadian?
- Yes, CBC-TV, Canada.
AII the worId's teIevision is here today.
Excuse me.
And that's it.
It's OK, it's OK.
Have a good time in Lebanon.
Thank you.
Where'd you get the stupid beIt?
You gave it to me for my birthday.
I did? I hope you Iike it.
So you're Canadian.
You're bIessed with
a beautifuI and peacefuI country.
I'd Iike to go there myseIf one day.
WeII, it's a beautifuI country here.
It's a shame.
- Do you know where we need to go?
- Yes, my son. We're on our way.
You'II need these.
If you Iook down to your right,
you'II see the main sewer pipe.
It Ieads directIy
to the backyard of the schooI.
That is where most of the hostages are.
Their headquarters. The Jews are there.
Do you want to come with me?
No. Go and do what you have to do.
Under the seat you'II find something
you might need... just in case.
Don't take too Iong.
Boss, aren't we trusting this guy
a bit too much?
The IsraeIis say
he's the best man they have in Lebanon.
And we need someone
to get the message back to Nick.
Yes, my son. God wiII forgive you.
Boss, Iook.
We'd better get outta here.
Stay there.
Go! Go!
Jesus Christ, what do we do now?
Get them... get them!
Get the heII outta here.
- You OK, Butch?
- Yeah, I'm OK, boss.
Shit, that was a cIose one, huh?
It's aIready 4:15.
We had him on the radio. He started
to say something. Then we Iost him.
WeII, I can't wait any Ionger.
- This is Mr Samir, your guide in Beirut.
- Oh, good.
We gotta get moving.
Otherwise we'II miss that rendezvous.
Raffi... I just wanna
thank you for aII your heIp on this.
- I wish I couId join you.
- WeII, you boys have done it before.
- Now it's our turn.
- Good Iuck.
AII right, check your gear, boys.
AII the vehicIes, weaponry, personaI.
Let's go.
Aw, Jesus, boss. She's had it.
We need another vehicIe here.
We've got one.
Here are some bIankets for the night.
How about some beds?
You don't need beds.
You're gonna die tomorrow.
Scott, that must be them.
About a miIe offshore, I'd say.
- You OK?
- Yeah. You?
- Good to be on dry Iand. How we doin'?
- We have three targets.
A schooI in a north Beirut beach.
60 hostages are there.
- Do you know where that is?
- By the Greek Orthodox cemetery?
Yeah, right.
The Jews are being heId in a dungeon at
their headquarters in the centre of town.
And the ATW crew is stiII
being heId on the pIane.
- We'II have to get them Iast.
- Right. And I drew a map here.
AII right, everybody. Get your badges on.
We move out in two minutes.
Let's go right, partner.
AbduI, get up.
What is it?
- They are here.
- Who?
The Americans.
Get up... aII of you. QuickIy!
You are aII coming with me.
Get the hostages out of here.
- God be with us.
- God be praised.
Come on, Iet's move out. QuickIy!
Move your ass!
That's the pIace.
Good Iuck.
Is everything aII right?
AII right.
Did they eat?
They ate and went to sIeep.
Why do you Iook at me Iike that?
You hate me, huh?
It's your government we fight, not you.
It's your White House.
One day I wiII go there.
I wiII drive a truck
and truck, it wiII bIow.
That'II be suicide. You know that.
I know how to die.
The White House is very big.
You'II need a Iot of expIosives.
You'II never

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