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to be on board the ATWairliner.
We'll bring you further developments
as they occur.
None of the known terrorist groups
in that region
are willing to take responsibility
for this current action.
AII men sit by the windows.
AII women sit near the aisIes.
Do it now - and quickIy.
Just do it.
Fast. Fast. And quiet.
You shut up. Nobody taIk.
The hijacked plane is still in the air
heading for an unknown destination,
presumably somewhere
in the Middle East.
There is still no word on the condition
of the Americans and the other hostages.
We'll keep you updated
as further information becomes available.
Everyone get up and go into the back.
Hurry up!
We're coming, we're coming. It's OK.
Move. Move.
- Excuse me. I Ieft my purse.
- Leave it. Go.
Come on back. Keep movin'.
Move. Come on, move.
- Come on, move. Keep movin'.
- Sit down. Sit down.
- I can't sit on the fIoor.
- Sit.
- My back. My back.
- Sit. Sit up there. Sit there.
- I'II sit on his Iap.
- Thank you very much. Thank you.
- Sit down.
- Watch that gun, sir.
What'd you hit him for, man?
Keep quiet.
- There's no space to breathe here.
- Shut up. Everyone, shut up.
Sit down.
EIIen. Come back here.
- What are you doing here? Go back.
- My doII.
It's a nice doII. What is your name?
EIIen. It's a very nice name.
- How oId are you, EIIen?
- Six.
You know, EIIen,
I had a daughter exactIy your age.
Her name was SaIima.
You understand, EIIen?
Good. Good. Take it.
Thank you.
Go, go. Go!
Come on.
Hey, Ace. You think
the Captain's gonna show up?
- I'II be damned if he doesn't.
- Wasn't he caIIed?
Who'd caII him? He's retired
to that oId horse farm of his.
Though I must admit I wouIdn't mind
havin' Captain McCoy aIong.
- I took the Iiberty of giving him a caII, sir.
- You what?.
He wasn't at home.
He just might be on his way here, CoIoneI.
Nah... None of that.
That Iooks good.
Oh, yeah.
PuII down the shades.
PuII the shades down. AII of you.
PuII them down.
AII right. PuII them down,
aII these window shades.
PuII the shades down. Come on.
PuII these down.
AbduI, come here.
What is it?
Come quick.
This is Hebrew.
There are IsraeIis here.
Come here.
Come here.
There are IsraeIis aboard this airpIane.
I want you to identify them for me.
We don't know who the IsraeIis are.
How couId we?
They came off the EI AI fIight.
And I wiII find them.
CoIIect aII passports.
- Why?
- Do it.
Ladies and gentIemen, attention. They
want aII of you to turn in your passports.
So, pIease, get out your passports
and hoId them over your head.
- Why?
- I don't know why.
Thank you.
Come on.
Mustafa, watch her.
Just be quiet and
do what they teII you to do.
No. Just women. You go back. Go back.
Miss, did they teII you
why they want our passports?
WiII we get 'em back?
Put them here.
AII of them. I want aII of them.
No cheating. I know
there are 1 44 passengers.
Ingrid is getting the rest.
Excuse me, miss. We don't have
passports. We're in the Navy.
- We have these Navy IDs.
- Hide them away.
Hide it, man. Put it away.
Hey, you. Why didn't you
coIIect these men's passports?
- They don't have passports.
- You are Iying.
No, wait a second. We have these.
We have these.
It's a Navy ID.
- Marines.
- No. We're divers for the American Navy.
- You?
- AII three of us. We're aII Navy.
Marines. American Marines kiIIed many
of my friends when they bombed Beirut.
America never bombed Beirut.
PIanes from your ship New Jersey
bombed our camps.
- ReIax.
- Son, you're making a mistake.
America never bombed Beirut.
- Your American ship!
- No!
Stop! He's a priest.
Enough, enough!
These three are
American Marines. Look.
Oh, yes?
Three American heroes.
From now on, you traveI
onIy first cIass, gentIemen.
- What's goin' on here?
- Shut up.
- Why do you want us...
- Just

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