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's about time.
- Got enough fuel?
- For what?
- To fly to Israel.
- You bet!
Need anything else to take off?
Yeah. A clear runway.
OK. All right, Jim, bring 'em in.
- Come on, guys.
- Let's get our butt moving.
Let's go!
Sit down in the rear and buckle up.
We gotta get out of here fast.
Come on, move, move, move, move!
(Bobby) Everybody find a seat fast!
Put him in first class. If you're
not wounded, move down the plane.
Put him over there.
Get 'em down there. Keep going.
Come on, come on.
Are you all right? Get in the back.
Come on! Double time! Let's go!
Pull it!
Where is that McCoy?
Intercom check.
All right, Captain. Everybody's on board.
Let's wind this son of a bitch up and get
outta here before all of Beirut shows up.
You got it!
OK. High-pressure start... number two.
Samir! Move! Move!
Go and stop that plane!
Come on! Close that hatch!
- What about Major McCoy?
- We can't wait. He's always late.
I gotta get these people outta here!
OK, gang, let's go.
Flight 282? Flight 282,
what are you doing?!
You have no authorisation to move!
Stay where you are!
...this is American Travelways Flight 282.
I wanna thank you
for an interesting stay in Beirut.
Hope you all have a nice day.
ATW 282, out.
They're crazy... they're insane...
...they're out of their minds!
Hell! They're shooting at us!
Colonel, it's the Major!
Well, come on! Get a rope down to him!
Ready? OK!
That's it! We got you! Don't worry! Pull!
Steward, close the door!
- Goose this bird and get outta here!
- I don't know that we have enough room.
- We won't have a second chance. Go on!
- All right. Here we go.
How's Pete?
He's up front.
Doc set up a hospital
in the first-class section.
(murmurs of thanks)
Hey, guys, Budweisers!
Let's pass 'em over!
Pass 'em over! There's lots more
where these came from!
(passengers sing
"America the Beautiful")
How is he, doc?
Hi, kid.
Did we get 'em all out?
Yeah, we got 'em all.
Are we goin? home now?
We're goin? home.
Well, I'll see you there, Scott.
See you when I see you.
? America, America
? God shed his grace on thee
? And crown thy good with brotherhood
? From sea to shining sea
Greater love no man hath
than he gives up his life for a friend.
Heavenly Father, we humbly
ask you that you cherish this...
...most loving soul
in the palm of your hand...
...for all eternity.
In the name of the Father
and the Son...
...and the Holy Ghost.
- (cheering)
- Oh, my God!
I'll be OK. You all right?
How are you?
Don't give up on this airplane.
(band playing)
Subtitles by VisiontextIRAN, DESERT ONE,
APRIL 25TH, 1980 - 4:00AM
Let's go. Get on there.
Move it! Move it! Move it!
Move it. Sergeant, get your men on there.
Is that Peterson's heIicopter?
He was in that damn chopper
that bIew up.
Get back here.
Where the heII are you goin'?
We're puIIin' out.
Captain McCoy.
- Bobby, where's Pete?
- StiII in the chopper.
The fIames are too high.
He can't be reached.
Captain, don't go in there.
The fueI bIadders are about to bIow.
Pete. Where are you?
Get the heII outta here.
The thing's gonna bIow.
Goddammit, get out.
This goddamn thing's gonna bIow.
- Hang on.
- Get out.
Hang on, Pete.
Get outta here.
Oh, my God. My Ieg's gone.
Come on.
Get outta here, Captain.
Listen, Pete. When I raise
up the jeep, move your Ieg.
Move it.
Move your Ieg. Pete, move it.
Lean on me.
Move. Get 'em up here. Come on, move.
AII right, take it up. Let's go.
- Scott and Pete are stiII back there.
- I got a squadron to think about.
Come on, get it up.
Hey, there they are.
Come on, Scott.
Take it down.
Come on, man.
Get that ammo secured.
AII right, we've got him.
Come on, make a


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