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gotta move fast!
Gotta find one who'll talk.
- Where'd you find 'em all?
- Hiding in the bedrooms upstairs.
...who is your commanding officer?
Speak or you're dead!
Officer! You? You?
(murmuring in Arabic)
Come here! Get up!
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth - now! Ah! Ah!
Ah... ah...
Not if you wanna live.
Do you wanna live? Live?
- Where did they take the Americans?
- Ah... ah, ah...
Where did they take the Americans?!
I hear you, Jamil.
We just received a message
from Khomeini.
Did he agree?
The Ayatollah will welcome you
and your hostages.
God be praised, Jamil.
You'll be met by General Mahamuzi.
He'll take you through Syria
and on to the Ayatollah.
First and ten, Delta One.
They're on their way to Teheran...
...on the Damascus road.
- Go after them!
Yes, sir!
I'll see you when I see you.
OK, let's move!
Damn. It's gonna be light soon.
- Take off. I'll delay the reinforcements.
- OK. Then you join Pete.
- I'll see you at the airport.
- I won't be able to wait for you.
- Then don't wait.
- I won't!
Bobby, stick with the Major, then take
my vehicle. I'll meet you at the orchard.
Let's go! Come on.
Delta Two, this is Delta One. Over.
- What's the plan, boss?
- A surprise party.
- Just like the old days.
- You got it.
- Delta Two, come in.
- I'll prepare the upper floors.
Yeah, I'm here, Major.
- How' it goin; kid?
- Well, those bastards snaked us, boss.
I'm gonna go get 'em.
Watch your ass, Butch, OK?
Yeah. I'll see you when I see you, boss.
(cat meows)
It's showtime.
Let's rock 'n? roll.
No one moves without my order.
It looks like the Americans are still here.
I'm afraid we are too late.
Maybe it's a trap, looks like an ambush.
I don't think so.
Commander... I think you are wrong.
God almighty.
Attack the school!
(shouting in Arabic)
- Why did you stop?
- It's not me, it's him.
What's going on? Why did you stop?
Move on!
Look at him... look at him.
You stopped because of one man
on a motorcycle? Move on.
Move on! Go!
Go back! Go back to Beirut!
God damn! That's Scott down there!
All right, let's rock 'n? roll, partner.
OK, let's move! Let's go!
Let's take 'em.
They're our guys! Americans!
They're Delta Force!
Need a hand?
Grab the wheel!
Move out...
Cover us!
Gimme that blanket.
- Take off his clothes.
- Pete!
Aw, Jesus... Pete.
- You know the way to the airport?
- Yes, Major.
Put the hostages into our vehicles.
The Colonel's waiting at an orange grove
by the airport. Don't stop for anything!
I'll take your bike.
- What about you, Major?
- I've got some business to finish.
Tell the Colonel not to wait for me.
- Use a switchblade?
- Too much blood.
Anybody here?
(? rhythmic music)
(engines rewing)
Going somewhere?
(motorcycle drives off)
(motorcycle approaches)
(motorcycle starts up)
Hey, doc. Get on Pete here. Keep it quiet.
Mike! Bring my bag, and the oxygen too.
- Looks like they're expecting us.
- Yes, sir.
We're gonna have to find another way.
(soldier) Maybe we could
cut through the back fence.
Looks quiet.
How many guards around the plane,
do you figure?
- I'd say between 12 and 16.
- Yeah.
Six of our men.
What is it? Come here.
Hold it!
- (Nick) You speak English?
- Yeah.
- Talk fast. Who's in charge?
- Jaffer. He is in the plane.
- How many men does he have?
- Nobody.
- Come on!
- I swear by Allah, he is alone!
- What about the hostages?
- There are three, sleeping in the cockpit.
Do you have a password?
If you wanna live, then use it.
Jaffer Iben Khalil,
"Come from the mountain!"
- Maybe he is asleep.
- Wake him up!
Jaffer Iben Khalil!
"Come from the mountain!"
Come quickly!
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Colonel Alexander. Delta Force.


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