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Отель "У погибшего альпиниста"

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last night.
There is one more backup battery
in the Olaf's suitcase, which feeds...
Which feeds your sick imagination, Mr. Physicist!
By mysticism and by fantasy it is possible
to explain everything very logically.
Glebski, return them the suitcase!
Right in front of you they will
turn on Olaf and then they will leave.
- I don't buy this!
- But why?
You'd have the unbeatable proof!
Why have you stopped talking?
You have noting to say?
I am not a scientist, I am a police officer.
There are too many lies about this suitcase.
- Listen!
- Enough!
Was it you, who called the police here?
Yes, I did it.
OK. And the note is also your job?
Yes. I hoped that you
will be distracting Hinckus.
Of course, and you
will avoid responsibility.
Bad, clumsy work.
The mask of alien does not fit you,
and robots are not robots at all.
Do you want to say, that
our robots are too human-like?
"Let them talk what they want", I thought.
"Let Olaf and this woman are robots,
it's even worse".
"In the hands of terrorists
they will become a horrible weapon."
Clearly I selected poor mask for myself.
It's a pity, that I cannot
show you my real face.
I know your real face, Mr. Mozes.
With the nickname Master!
I must turn you back
into the hands of law.
I stared at them,
and for some reason I felt bad.
Very bad.
I dreamed about a miracle to happen.
I wanted the phone to talk
and give me orders.
What to do. What to do.
- Inspector!
- So, what?
They say you can return him to the life.
No one can be returned to the life,
this is fairy tales, Brun, fairy tales.
No, please listen to me!
I beg you, please revive him!
If Olaf is a doll,
then may be I am also a doll!
How do I know?
Now I am really alone.
Only you can help me,
only you, Mr. Inspector.
I beg you!
Yes, I understood, that
Brun is foolish freakish girl.
Hinckus is illiterate and superstitious criminal.
And Simone is half-witted
physicist with crazy ideas.
But anyway I felt,
that they were right, and not me.
My experience, my senses,
rebelled against this truth.
Their truth seemed impossible, absurd.
In order to perform my duties as a policeman,
it was necessary for me to use my entire,
accumulated over forty years of work,
conservatism and conformism.
A sense of duty was only thing
remaining with me.
The policeman's sense of duty,
embedded into my flesh and blood.
Simone! Go to the roof and watch the sky!
And we with Alex will remain here, in the hall.
Luarvik is dying.
Mozes said that he will live
not more than an hour.
Will you let him die, Glebsky?
I am a policeman, and I have
no right to punishment and forgiveness.
The only thing I know, that there is a law.
One law for everybody!
According to this law
your Mozes is a criminal and a killer.
And my responsibility is
to deliver him to the court.
Here is the encounter of two worlds.
Just think, to arrive here,
God knows from where
and to meet first terrorists,
and then such law enforcement
officer as you, Glebsky.
I don't believe in aliens.
And if they are aliens,
what's their business here?
Observers. What they observe,
how do you think?
And how the "observers"
from other countries are called?
Look, Simone, I am a citizen of this country.
And not simply a citizen as you,
arcane chatterbox,
but rather a government official
with certain responsibilities!
So, are you dreaming about
another star on your shoulder straps?
What a pity! A little police pawn!
This is the only and
the last time in  you life,
when the fate entrusted you
a decision of real importance,
and you behave as complete idiot!
Key is in the pocket! Be quiet!
- You too!
- Do not move, you'll hurt yourself!
There is no such law...
Goodbye, people!
Till the real contact!
There they are! Damn!
That was the end of everything.
I felt just total indifference.
Only in the depth of my heart
I cowardly felt some relief.
The situation no longer depended on me.
Отель "У погибшего альпиниста" Отель "У погибшего альпиниста"

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