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Отель "У погибшего альпиниста"

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Owl, talk now.
Your frank confession before
investigation starts is your only chance.
You are getting confused, inspector.
- What owl are you talking about?
- Is this your tool?
I do not understand you, inspector.
What you do want?
Think, and think quickly,
it will serve you better.
Your friends will not come in time.
But the police - it will arrive now.
Take that... And that...
Inspector, where did he hit you?
Your arm?
You were lucky, inspector. Very lucky.
Take bottle and pour
some water on his head.
He regained consciousness.
Well, Owl, will we talk?
Damn it! I am sick of all this!
Ask. If I only knew how to answer.
- Who are you?
- Have you heard about the chastisers?
- Sure!
- I am one of them.
But here! Here is the real horror!
Believe me, inspector, some
super-natural forces are involved.
Cut the crap! Stick to the point!
Half a year ago one guy approached us.
No one knew his name.
They called him Master. They would assign
absolutely impossible tasks to him.
Do you remember
the Second National Bank?
That's his job.
But suddenly he did not want to work with
us any more. Stopped cold turkey.
Oh yes. All that time he was a bit nuts.
He wouldn't let us to kill hostages
and and actually no one.
He said we shouldn't.
That's why he had a fight with Boss.
And then he disappeared.
With his assistant and wife.
And I was ordered by Boss to find him.
And you found them here.
Who they are?
No! You tell to me, who they are!
What a man could cope
with me as I were a kitten?
- And she did.
- Who "she"? Who?
This woman.
Mozes understood that
I will not let him out alive.
So he set his wife against me.
She was approaching directly at me.
You will not believe it,
but I was approaching myself!
Until now, I do not understand,
how I managed not go crazy.
Who is Olaf? Is he also from your gang?
Listen, inspector! I know nothing about Olaf.
I did not put a finger on him.
Ihave to say, that Mozes
will not kill. He just can't do it.
That's why he did not touch me.
Is Boss coming alone?
Nonsence! He always has
three guys with him.
What did he intend to do with Mozes?
To kill, of cource.
Simone, please...
Simone! Open!
Where are you, Simone!
Simone. Simone.
Simone disappeared. By now it was
necessary to stop Mozes at any cost.
Alex! Come here!
- Everything is quiet here.
- Let's go.
Don't worry, inspector.
They can not reach us by car.
Do you think that terrorists
do not have helicopters?
I am surprised, that they are
not here yet. Let's go, Alex.
Don't be scared.
To the wall! Don't move!
Stop this hypnosis!
Mr. Mozes! You are charged with
National Bank robbery and
Olaf Andvarafors' murder.
Inspector! They are not people!
They are aliens from another planet.
Yes, of course, they
arrived directly from Venus!
I don't know, where they came from.
From another universe,
or from another galaxy.
Only thing I know is that they are
in trouble and we have to help them.
Put off your weapon, inspector.
Mr. Mozes arrived here as an observer.
He made a fatal mistake.
He was not allowed to contact.
Yes, this is true.
But when I saw, how you live here,
I broke the rule.
I wanted to help you so much.
But your life proved
to be too complex for me.
Mr. Mozes was deceived!
They enticed him to fight for the justice
but it turned out that these were gangsters.
He ran into this hotel
so that he could leave our planet.
Here in the mountains is our launch pad.
But landsliding destroyed the power plant,
which feeded our robots.
And our pilot Luarvik was severely injured.
His spacesuit is broken and
he is weakening every second.
- Give them back Olaf's suitcase!
- Do not babble, Simone!
Olaf is not killed. Olaf is a robot.
And mrs. Mozes is also a robot.
Do you remember, after the landsliding she
was dead, and now, as you see, she is alive.
Because Mr. Mozes turned on
the backup battery
Отель "У погибшего альпиниста" Отель "У погибшего альпиниста"

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